YouTube Boarding School

When Marzia and best friend Kalel are offered scholarships tho YouTube Boarding School, they meet lots of famous people.
Set when they'e all 17


6. Kalel Reveals All.

The next morning Kalel woke me up.

"Hey, guess what!"

"Uhhhm... whatimeizit?" I said, much to Kalel's disappointment.

"10am on Tuesday." she said. Then she screamed. "Anthony from Smosh asked me out. We're going to Sushi Rox tonight. EEEKK, HE'S SSSOOSOOSOSOSOSOOSOSSOSOSO HHHHOOOOOOTTTTT!" She screeched."

"Kalel?" I asked.


"Shut up and make me a hot chocolate." I winked at her.

"Okay." She grinned and got up. Then there was a knock at the door.

I quickly brushed my hair and answered it.

There was a guy with a brown bowl hair cut and green eyes.

"Hello. I'm Ian. Is Kalel there?" He said.

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