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Hey just a bunch of preferences to make you laugh, smile, cry or idk. Just read I guess? XD. Request if you want I don't mind :)
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2. Sad song he dedicates to you-2

Your POV

Luke Part 2

"I love you forever." Luke? Loves me? You think to yourself. You feel very dizzy and run to the back door. Luke. Robert. Hemming. The boy I've known since I was 5, he loves me? I. I think I love him too.

"Y/n!" He yells down the hallway. You stop and lean against the wall. He stands in front of you, hearts beating in time, fast, but steady.

"Hold me tight, straight though to daylight." You whisper as he steps in closer.

"I'm right here, you finally realised, that I'm your cure, heartbreak girl" he finishes and leans his forehead against yours. "I'm sorry y/n, I'm sorry if you don't love me back" a tear runs down his cheek.

"Luke....... I do love you back." You smile and connect your lips together in a long and steamy kiss. Screams erupt from the crowd and you realise that Ashton had grabbed a camera and filmed the whole scene.

Michael your POV part 2..

"Bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's never too late to bring us back to life." You hear him mutter as You walk out. You really want to take him back, but after he had sex with that fan, You just don't know if we can fix it. You hear the footsteps coming after you and You quickly rub your eyes to remove the tears.

"Y/N wait" you turn around quickly.

"Y/n I'm sorr-"

"Don't talk. Let me think about this. How are we going to fix it? We can't undo all the pain! " You shout at him. He stays silent and looks into my eyes.

"We can't undo what you did. But we can start over. This doesn't erase what you did, but, I spent weeks waiting for you to call again" Tears are falling off your face when the thunder claps. "But you didn't. You stopped trying. That's what hurt the most. You gave up. When I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, I fell apart, I couldn't breathe. You were the reason. The only reason." The rain pours down as we stood there, practically yelling at each other.

"Your my only reason to live" he says quietly and you lean in and touch your lips to his, and then quickly move back.

"Let's take it slow, okay?" You ask him.

"Okay" he replies.

Calum your POV part 2

Cal, I need you to call me Asap. I have news that could either strengthen our relationship, or completely wreck it. Call me when it's safe. I love you baby.

You typed as You fell back onto our bed. Just before he left You had taken a pregnancy test,you'd been feeling off and your period was late. Soon after he left, you went to check it....

It was positive...

You curl up into a ball on the bed, then get up to grab one of Cal's t-shirts that smelt of him. You cuddle back up in bed and fall asleep. I wish he was at home right now. Hours later your phone rings and you answer it half asleep.

"Hello? Y/n I'm in Barcelona. What happened are you ok?" Calum's worried voice rings through your ear.

"Cal... Ummm... Ok I don't want you to leave me I need you to be on my side I'm sorry" you say fast.

"Y/n what's up baby? I love you so much"

"Baby, that's exactly what's the problem... We're, well I'm having one..."

You hear the line go silent and you hear muttering from the other side.

'What if he leaves me now?'

"CONGRATULATIONS Y/N AND CALUM!!" The boys scream through the phone.

"Cal..." You whisper

"I love you baby, I'll be home with you soon. Whatever happens I'm with you. I love you so so much, and this baby will strengthen our relationship,

I love you baby" you start crying softly when you hear Luke's little voice in the background.

"Does this mean you guys did the nasty" you can't help yourself but to laugh. You and Calum were going to be parents. That night when you went to bed, you thought about how there was really only one sky that stretched around the world. How you both would fall asleep, underneath the same sky. two hearts beating in time, and, how you wished Calum was beside you.

Ashton part 2 your pov

He falls off the chair and blacks out immediately. I help him up, and with y/f/n (your friends name) drag him back to your place down the road. You tuck him into your bed and sit on the chair next to the bed.

'I wonder if he went through the same pain as I did. I forced myself to move on, but truthfully, I didn't' you think to yourself. You kiss him softly on the cheek, but it's enough to stir him.

"Y/n?" He grabs you and hugs you tight.

"Ashton, hey" you say softly.

"I promised myself if I ever woke up beside you again, I would hold you closer than I ever did before so you'd never slip away. I'm never letting you go." He rambles

"I bet that's the alcohol talking babe." You laugh.

"Did you move on? I remember all your makeup running down your face when you said it was over. Why'd you end it?" He mutters like a child.

"Management.. They didn't believe I was the best 'role model' for your fans... They made me break up with you. They said, and I quote,

'Your relationship with Ashton can not continue at this stage. Please do not carry on seeing him as he will get pushed out of the band if this continues. Kind regards'" you recall, and you kiss his cheek.

"I love you, there a bunch of pricks."

He says loudly. "We'll deal with them in the morning. But right now? Snuggle with me?" He pulls out the whole lip bite and puppy eye routine, and you just can't say no..

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