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Hey just a bunch of preferences to make you laugh, smile, cry or idk. Just read I guess? XD. Request if you want I don't mind :)
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1. Sad song he dedicates to you- 1

His POV part 1

Luke: Heartbreak Girl

Y/N. She's all that runs through my head all day. Every time another jerk breaks her heart? Who's there? Me. She calls me up, and she breaks me. All I want to do is hug her and comfort her. I am friend-zoned. She ends our conversations with "thanks for being a friend". But I want- no I need more than that. I'm always there for her and she doesn't see how much I love her. She's in the crowd tonight, supporting us. We wrote this song ages ago and nobody really knows what it's about. Tonight. I'm gonna drop the 'L bomb' I'm super nervous. I just live her so so much.

*Speech before heartbreak girl*

"Just before we start I want to say something to a very special someone" I announce slowly, there are the chills in the bottom of my stomach.

"This song, it's dedicated to y/n. She's my heartbreak girl. And I'm not ashamed to say, In from of 17 thousand of you , I Love you y/full/n. I've loved you forever and always. I will love you forever." I spot her in the crowd and she did the unexpected. She stood up, and ran out the door.

The last thing I hear is the squealing of the microphone as it hits the floor. And you know what I did? I ran after her.

Michael: The only reason

"C'mon Michael, you've been moping for too long. Let's go out and get some coffee, hmm?" Luke says to me. I dont want to go out. All I want is y/n, back in my arms. I can't sleep, I'm falling apart. I can't breathe.

"Do I have to go?" I mutter.

"Yes, now c'mon get in the shower or I'll get mum to come and get you up. Which would you prefer?" He asks teasingly.

I get up and have a shower. I get casually dressed and we leave for a coffee shop. When we get inside. I look around and see a familiar hairstyle. It's y/n. Holy crap. I tap at Ash's arm fiercely.

"I need to get out of here."

"Why?" I point to her, and Ashton sighs. I stand up but it's too late.

"Michael?" Her eyes glisten,

"Hey, y/n. Can we talk?" I ask nervously. My heart is pounding and I don't know if we can fix this.

We sit down together at a booth.

"Mikey..." She sighs, she plays with my fingers.

"Y/n, im sorry. I've spent weeks moping and crying because I lost the only thing that keeps me going. I can't sleep, because you are in my dreams, and I can't, I just can't fall asleep without knowing your safe, that your okay, your the reason..." A single tear falls down my cheek And she reaches up and wipes it off.

"Mikey, this is your fault. But it's mine too. How are we going to undo all the pain? I don't think we can fix it this time" the waterfall of tears stream down my face.

"Bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's never too late to bring us back to life. "I mutter, as I watch her leave, and my heart shatters.

Calum: Beside you

I packed my last bag, as y/n walks into my room.

"Do you have to go?"

"I really don't want to baby, but I have to, I'm sorry baby. " I say as I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her. I kiss her hair and hug her tighter.

"I'll come home soon baby, it's only 3 months till we get a break. I never want to let you go..." I whisper

I load the car and turn to her for the last time.

"Calum..." She starts crying and I can feel my eyes getting wet too.

"Shhhh baby I'll be home soon, now don't you worry. I will call you as soon as we land, ok?"

"Okay..." She stutters.

The drive to the airport is long and tedious. A text pops up on my phone but I ignore it. When we board, Luke leans over.

"Who's the text from?" He asks.

"Lemme check. I unlock my phone and see a text from y/n.

New message from y/n

Cal, I need you to call me As soon as you land. I have news that could either strengthen our relationship, or completely wreck it. Call me when it's safe. I love you baby.

Did she cheat on me? What happened? I suddenly felt very faint.

Ashton: Amnesia

"All I'm saying is that you should try and win her back. That's all honey"

"MUM, I've tried, I've tried so so hard! Look I need to go. I'll talk to you later" I hang up the phone and put my head in my arms. Tears are soon running down my face and I lay down in bed, sobbing.

-new message from Luke

Hey, what's going on? Were going to a movie in 10 minutes?

Message to Luke I don't think I'll make it.

-new message from Luke . Ok, Don't stay in bed crying again.

I get up and throw on a jumper, and sunnies. I grab my phone and walk out the back exit to the street. I walk to the closest beach, only about 5 minutes away. I sit near the waters edge and dip my toes in. I look through all the photos y/n and I took together. I flick to my favourite, the one that Luke took. We we're watching movies on the couch. She's snuggled up into me while I'm holding her around her waist. She is giggling and looking up at me and I'm looking at her like she was the only precious thing in the world. Tears are flowing off my face onto my phone.

Michael and Luke are still really good friends with her. They, they said she's moved on. It hurts. It hurts to know she's happy without me, it hurts that she's moved on. I wish I could forget her, I wish I had amnesia. I get up and walk slowly back to the hotel. When I get up to my room I grab my keys and write a note.

-Boys, went out. Will be back . Don't wait up. X Ash

I drive to the nearest pub, and drink.

"Ash, Ash is that you?" I hear the familiar voice that broke my heart, and flood my head back with memories. All I remember next is falling off the chair.

Hey guys! First chapter up! Part 2 will be up veryyyy soon :) x Tinted

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