Love, lies and promises

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3. 3. the first day

My mom drove me to the new school. The car stopped infront of a big building made of red bricks. I got out of the car. The whole thing was so overvelming. "Have a good day honey" my mamma said and drove away. I walked into the building and walked up a stair made if stone. My mom had given me a post it in my hand with the number 645. I assumed it was the number of the classroom. And i was right. On a brown door 645 was written with white letters. I walked into the room and my classmates looked up. " oh there she is. Hello sophie. Welcome to rigford high! I was just telling the students about you, but why dont you just come up here and do it yourself?" The teacher said. I walked up beside the teacher and said " hey im sophie. I come from boston and i just moved here to chicago". Everybody looked at me. A blonde girl was sitting with her phone. Suddently all the students phones bipped. The looked and began to laugh. I got so confused. " silent students! Sophie you are going to sit here next to rachel" the teacher said and pointed at a ginger girl with frekless. She were the only girl that didnt laugh. " hey " she said. "Hi" i said and sat down. The teacher began talking about a mouse, but no one listened. " why did everyone laugh?" I ask'd rachel. She showed me a picture of me with a really weird face and the teacher looking at me on a perverted way. Under the picture there was wrote. " the out town girl has a new boyfriend! Im sure they allready have slept together!". " because of this" rachel replied me. I was so shoked that some body would do that. I got so uncomfortable. A bell ringed and we had to go to lunch. Rachel told me about my new classmates. " that i megan" she said and pointed at the blonde girl who sendt the picture. " she is the slutty popular girl who rules the class with mia and mary her slutty crew!" Then she pointed at a tall boy with brown curls and beautiful brown eyes. I fell in love the moment i saw him. " that is zack. Megans boyfriend" she said. Heart got ripped out, and i tried to forget him.

" hey new girl!" Someone said. I turned around. "come sit with us" it was megan. We walked over to the table and sat down. " not you rachel!" She yelled. Rachel walked away and got mad. " so there is this party tonight wanna come?" Megan asked. " okay iguess". She took my hand and wrote the adress. " well then see ya there" she said and walked away.

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