Love, lies and promises

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2. 2. the beginning

2. The beginning

The car stopped. I looked out of the window. I saw a big red house with white windows. I got out of the car. My mom took me in the hand and turned me around. A little old tumbledown house met my gaze. I got so disspointed. My mamma had told me that it was a fantastic house, but this was terrible. "Suprise! What do you think?" She said with a lot of enthusiasm. "Uhm... It is not what i expected." I said. "Well it is not done yet. We have to paint and repair the damages, but it will be fabulous! I promise!!". The house were filled with boxes with our stuff. It was hard to imagine the final result. I got to choose my room and i got a very big one. Or not a big one but the biggest there was.

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