Love, lies and promises

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1. 1. pilot

1. Pilot

" just because you fall in love, it dosen't mean he is the right"

Now i'm laying here. On the floor. Screaming of pain. My heart is bleeding. Broken... Gone. Because of one person. The person i thougt i knew. The one person i trusted. The person i thougt never could hurt me like this. I thougt i knew his heart. I thougt he cared about me. I could'ent help it. I knew it was wrong. But my heart wanted him over and over agian. He made me feel like it was my fault. I made the same mistakes over and over agian. But the biggest mistake was forgiving him over and over. He wasn't good for me. He made me do such stupid things. He made me forget who i was.

The jail is cold. Im alone. Breathless. I finally got back to me agian. Im freezing. It wasn't me that did the crimes. It was his lies.

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