They say there's somethings you'll never forget.


9. fin

I scurried towards Ashton limp body. My hands trembled with fear, causing me to drop the blood covered knife into the floor. Ashton cupped his pouring wound, staring blankly back at me. "Ash...ash..I.." I stuttered. "I didn't.. I'm so sorry.." I began to cry.

"Maia," he coughed. "I was going to kill you. Karma's a bitch." He struggled a laugh.

"I'll, I'll go find help." I started to cry even more.

"No," he pulled me back. "Stay. I don't want to die alone."

"Don't say that! You're not going to die!"

"Maia, stay. Please?" The pain in his eyes was killing. My idol, was dying infront of me, and it was my fault. "Ashton, I am so fucking sorry." I sobbed into his shoulder.

"Maia, Y'know when you came to that meet and greet," Ashton struggled to get out. "The first thing I noticed about you was your eyes. Wow, your eyes are beautiful. Like I didn't even know a blue like that existed. Then when you told me your name, your voice was like an angel. I thought it was weird to want to talk to a fan more. But I couldn't get you out of my head. It drove me crazy. Spending this time with you has been amazing, Maia. Yeah, it's been tough. We've both done some things we regret. But God damn Maia, I couldn't wish to have done it with anyone else." I was crying now, trying to stop the blood pouring from his chest. "Before I go, can I just have one kiss? I've thought about it 100 times, now seems like as good a moment as any." He chuckled. I wiped away my tears, and leant in to kiss him. It was beautiful. I never understood why people said they got butterflies during their first kiss until now. It wasn't my first, but it was 1000 times better. I cuddled into him, and we lay there, crying, looking at the stars above us. "That's where I'm going Maia. I can drum with the greats. Who knows, maybe I'll be in a band with Kirt Kobain."

"Ashton, I love you." I cried.

"Maia, I love you more than my drums. And that's a hell of a lot."

"But why Ashton? I've basically killed you." I cried even more.

"No, Maia. You've saved me. This world is poison. My family isn't even what I thought it was. I've become my mother. I almost killed my first love, I wanted to kill you Maia. But you saved me. I promise I'll stay with you. Forever. And, I'll tell your dad every little detail of how amazingly beautiful you are." I couldn't control myself anymore. I sobbed uncontrollably into his arms. "Maia, I wrote you a song. It sounds stupid, but I wrote you a letter. I was gonna...I was gonna put it on your grave. It's in my room. Please, please read it." His voice was weakening now.

"Please don't go."

"Maia, don't you see? I'm not going to a bad place. I can drum forever. Stay forever young. I can protect you. Forever. I love you."

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