They say there's somethings you'll never forget.


3. Ashton

"Stabbed. What's wrong?" Maia asked me, clearly seeing how nervous I was. I stared at her deep blue eyes through my phone screen, and the innocence on her face. Such a young, sweet girl. Traumatised by the loss of her dad. "I think I know how killed your dad." I breathed. She looked painfully back at me. "Ashton, what?"

"Maia, when I was 10, I went to visit my dad for the weekend. Before we decided he was an asshole. I heated him talking on the phone, about how it had gone too far this time, and that they needed to clean up there mess. I remember going home and telling my mum, and her yelling at my dad down the phone. He may not have killed him, Maia, but he mentioned his name. Several times. Whatever happened I am so, so sorry." I felt like crying.

"Ashton, I know this might be hard for you, but we need to find your dad. I have to ask him."

"Maia, I said I would try to help. And I promise now if my dad had anything to do with it, I'll make sure he pays. For all the pain he's cause you and your family. I am so, so sorry."

"don't be sorry Ash, how where you to know? Thank you. I mean it. Promise you'll help me? I can't do this on my own."

"I swear it on my drums Maia. We're going to find who killed your dad." She blew me a kiss, and hung up the phone. It sounded stupid, but I felt so guilty. What if my dad had something to do with the death of hers? It made me feel sick. I put on a baggy tshirt, and walked downstairs to the kitchen. "Mum, remember when I was younger, and you and dad fell out really bad over the phone?" She frowned at me. "That happened many, many times Ash." She laughed. "Just after the last time I saw him." I replied. Her face dropped. It was like I'd asked a question she desperately wanted to avoid. "Ash, that was a long time ago. What's the point?" She said aggressively.

"I want to know mum. I have this friend.."

"What friend?"

"Her names Maia, her dad was killed.."

"I don't want you to see her anymore Ashton."

"What? Why?"

"One day, you'll understand. But now, you're too young."

"Mum, I'm 20!"

"Ashton, that's enough! Do you really think I wanna think about the past?! Leave it!" I stormed out of the room. I'd find out what they were hiding, one way or another.

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