They say there's somethings you'll never forget.


8. ammesia

When my phone had finally charged up, I listened to my voicemail from Ashton, and rang him back straight away. "Maia, I'm coming to pick you up now. I think we both need a night out."

"Okay, I'll just get changed." I pulled in some jeans and a baggy jumper, and my beanie. I listened as Ashton's car pulled up, and ran outside. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Somewhere we can forget everything." He smiled back at me, clutching my hand. He seemed nervous, and on edge. We drove for about 20 minutes. It was getting dark, so the sunset looked amazing. It wasn't until we drove up a steep hill that I realised where we where. "Amnesia, you filmed amnesia here!" I yelled. Ashton laughed.

"Yeah, I figured it's beautiful up here. It would be nice to escape for a while." He parked the car, and we sat on the edge of the Rocky Mountain. The view was beautiful. "You look amazing in this lighting." Ashton grinned.

"Thanks." I blushed. "What was it you found out?" Ashton went white again.

"Oh, nothing. I got confused." He seemed distant, distracted by something I couldn't figure out. "You want pizza? I brought cheese pizza." Ashton went to the car, and came back with a large pizza box. As we got stuck in, he said "I'll be right back." And walked back the car. Something was up. But I just couldn't figure out what. I herd his feet shuffle on the gravelly floor. "Maia, I'm sorry." Ashton sobbed. I swung my head to see Ashton towering above me, nervously clutching a knife in his hand. I stood up frantically. "Ashton, what the fuck?!" I screamed.

"Maia, I am so fucking sorry. Look, I know who killed your dad. If it was mine going to prison, I could handle that. But my mum, she's my everything. I can't loose my mum Maia, you have to understand." I felt a lump in my throat.

"It was your mum? She, she killed my, my dad?" I stuttered.

"I am so, so sorry Maia. But you can't tell anyone. I can't loose my mother, Maia. Please understand why I have to do this."

"Ashton, no! You don't have to do anything! Look I won't tell anyone, now I know I can move on. Please, just put the knife down."

"No, Maia. I can't. I've brought you to re most beautiful place I know. So you won't die in such a horrible way. But you'll be with your dad now, yeah? I'm sorry Maia, it's for the best." He stepped towards me. I tried to step back, but the cliff edge was only meters behind me.

"Ash, what if I go away? To Melbourne? Or I'll stay with my family in New Zealand?" I begged.

"Maia, please don't do this. Do you think I want this?" He cried. "You have no idea what is going through my head right now. But i know this is what's right." He wiped away tears from his cheeks. As he walked towards me, i ran, pushing the knife out of his right hand.

"Maia, please!" He screamed. We both ran for the knife. I grazed my hands on the gravel below. I pulled the knife up, and stood in front of Ashton. "What the fuck, ash! You were my idol!" I cried.

"Maia," he panicked. "Give me the knife."

"No, Ashton! You wanted to kill me!"

"Maia, let's just talk about this." He stepped towards me.

"About what, Ash?!" He threw himself upon me. I struggled out, clutching the knife. He tackled me for it, pulling at me hair and arms. I tried to push him away. Suddenly, Ashton screamed. He pulled away from me, and fell to the floor. I stared down at his body. His clothes were covered in blood, along with my hands

And the knife i was clutching.

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