Dream a little dream of ME


1. Of YOU and ME

She was getting stabbed. The blood stained on the perfectly clean carpet. Her screams echoed though her empty house. The person, was more of a monster to me, had a black mask on- only the eyes viewable. They killed her like they where a maniac. 

They waited until dark to do it. Every light was off apart from them. She heard something and got out of bed, that was the last step she took. "Please don't do this!" She pleaded for her life. Her last breath, wasted on having to see them again. Her last view- their hand coming down over her mouth. 

I realised something. The date was different to what it is now. Now is the tenth of October and her calendar, that was the same as ours downstairs, told me that it was a week from now. I only knew because the killer walked past it with their torch, everything else was just black.

She started coughing it up. I wish I could of stopped it but I couldn't, I wasn't there. I couldn't stop seeing it happen, I couldn't close my eyes, they where already shut. 

I thought I recognised the person that had her heart carved out of her chest, but I denied it. 


I held my head, clenched my eyes and buried myself into my pillow. My tears made their way down my face. "Taylor!" My sister shouted as she tried to wake me up. "Taylor!" She repeated distressed. My eyes finally opened after the horror had finished. I breathed deeply trying to get my breath back. "What happened?" My sister Rita asked hugging me. "It was just a dream, a really real dream." I told her calming down a bit. "What do you mean 'really real'?" She asked trying to get some sense out of me. "My dream. It seemed so real. I felt like I was there but couldn't do anything to stop it. I felt her pain...." I told Rita. "How did you know I was having a bad dream?" I asked her. 
"I was already awake and I could hear you crying." She told me. "So, what happened in your dream then?" She asked. 
"There was a girl and a person attacked her." I paused. "What time is it?" I asked trying to change the subject. 
"2:47am." She told me whilst she put her phone back into her pyjama pocket. 
"I'm gonna go and watch TV downstairs now that Mums on holiday." I told Rita whilst brushing my hair behind my ears and standing up. "Ok but don't tell mum I let you." I smiled and walked out of the room.

I turned on the TV, went to my recordings and watched a bit of Doctor Who, it was the episode when the weeping angels tried to get into the Tardis, before I fell asleep on the sofa. I didn't have a dream this time, my mind was just black like the television that automatically turned itself off after a while. 

I woke up to the sound of my sister turning on the TV beside me. "Good sleep this time?" She asked whilst flicking through the channels. "Yeah.." I told her whilst trying to engage my brain. 

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