Kiss me kiss me

Sorry if you can read it I can't spell for shit


1. the day out

Chapped one 

So I'm Casey and I'm going to 5SOS concert in LA with my friends Abby and cait were all 17 . We had to get up early the flight was at 5 am so 5 came and we started bording the plain 

Cait : I cant wait I want to see Calums Face .

Abby : no I can't want to see Ashton and Luke (screaming) 

The lady and the plan told us to shhhhhhhh 😏 

Me : I'm punk rock I'll do what I want 

Cait : no your not

We all started laughing . After that we all fell asleep , after abit we all woke to the lady saying if you could please take your things and the door is on your left 

Abby : quickly grab your thing it's was 3 pm in LA , I want us to be early to the concert 

Cait : don't rush me 

Me : come on let's go 

We're all running to get the bus that was go's to are hotel . So later came and we were at the Hotel . we all ready had are keys and stuff so we just run to are room and we were all sharing a room . There was 1 doable bed and one single me and cait in the doable bed and Abby in the single 

Abby: time to get ready , what are you going to wear girls 

Me : my red checkered top and my black ripped super skinny jeans with black vans 

Cait : my navana top black jeans and my gray vans 

Abby : I'm going as a banana . Jk haha no my green ripped jeans and baggy top with my rainbow vans 

So we were all getting ready doing are makeup and shit , at this times it was 5:30 pm the concert starts at 7 

Abby; lets go , girl come on !!!!!!!!

We were walking to the concert it was only 10 mins away , we griped all are money and bags and we started running like 6 year olds at a party lol . We could see all the sines and banners . We were there .

Cait : OMG OMG OMG OMG I'm in heaven Casey 

Me : me to cait what about you Abby 

Abby : yep case

Me : lets go and get some food 

Abby : we have to give in are tickets in first 

Cait : okay 

So we Lind up . There wasn't that many people there , it was only 6 pm we waited 10 mins . We were in.

Me : where's micheal 

Cait : where's calum

Abby : where's Ashton and Luke 

Me : hahahaha I can't wait to see them 

Cait : I need the toilet 

Abby : me to 

Me : okay , let try and find it 

There was no sines , nothing we were so confused . We ended up in this room with lot of screaming fans 

Cait : what the fuck is this 

Abby : I don't know 

Me doing the right thing , asking this tall man with a black top on which said security on it . so I asked him ,sir whats going on ? He said its a meet and great --- 5 seconds of summer --- 

Cait : YES YES YES ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Abby : couldn't talk 

Me : the same 

We were standing for ages me and Abby said we can't be assed to wait 

Cait : I want to stay 

Abby : meet you out front in 30 m 

Cait : okay 

Me and Abby trying to find are way out 

Me : come on Abby running as fast to I could . I ran for a good 5 mins then looking back screaming "Abby" "abby" I had lost her I walked around for abit but I couldn't find her . I had been look for like what seemed like an hour , I looked at my phone 2% and it was 6:30 

Me ; I started crying , i fell to the floor I moved to the wall , my back against it my arms rapped around to legs I was curled in a ball I didn't know what to do

I could hear foot steps stop in font of me I un crossed my arms and wiped my face , smudging all the mascara down my face , I look up " it's Michael Clifford" 

Michael : are you okay 

Me : im okay 

Michael : you don't look okay 

Me : thinking to my self try to play it cool 

Michael : looking in my eyes , 

- look come back stage the boys won't mine 

Me : I don't know 

Michael ; please it's the least I could do I don't want to see a fan ubset at are conceit do I 

Me : okay , smiling

As I got up Michael grips my hand pulling me up while smiling at me

Me : thank you

Michael : come on I have to get ready I'm ON in 5 

Me : laughing at "I'm ON"

Micheal ; what's wrong . looking down at the floor , probably thinks I'm mocking him 

Me : shit no no don't be sad I was laughing at what you said " I'm ON" 

Michael : oh okay laughing with me 

We were back stage , I looked at my phone I looked like a mess with the mascara smudged down my face .

Michael : this is ummm .,,,,,....... I don't ask your name - in front of the boys 

Me : casey my names casey 

Ashton : nice to meet you but we have to go in stage , come on huke lemmings 

Luke : shut up "he smiles and his face went bright red " yeah nice meeting you - smiling and walking away 

Calum all ready on stage 

Michael : stay here , please just for me " he smiled , looking into my eyes 

Me : looking at him his eyes , they were grey-y blue color, I could look at them all day . 

Me : but what about my friends I cant just leave them 

Michael : after the show , you can go get them please stay 

Me : okay just for you

Michael: walking on stage , looked back and winked at me 

Me : thinking to my self " is it getting hot in here ,

End of chapped one 


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