Going Into High School Song

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  • Published: 16 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 16 Nov 2014
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You need to read this song to the tune of "Work This Out" from High School Musical 2. I have just changed the words to going into high school......... (We can work high school out).


1. Work This Out

I wrote this song quite a few years ago, when i was a huge fan of high school musical and also when i was just about to go into high school. i was really scared about going into high school and i really loved the song "Work This Out" from high school musical 2. So i thought i could easily change the lyrics to suit my situation of worrying about going into high school, it turns out it wasn't as easy as i thought but i did get to finish it. So what i have done was change the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it.......... and make sure you read this song to the tune of "Work This Out" from high school musical 2.





How did we get from the top of the class to the bottom of the heap?

I don't recall you mentioning the teacher's such a creep.

We still have the school holidays to make this high school sweet.

I've got maths instead of fun.

And all this homework not done.

This pressure weighs a tone.



We've got to work... work... to work this out

We'll make things right

The sun will shine

If we work... work there'll be no doubt

We can still get together if we work this out


I'd rather just give it up and drop out of school.

That sure beats hanging here and looking like a fool.

I'd never thought of this but this ain't worth the stress.

Who cares if you get it wrong, but at least you gave it your best.

We're a champion team.

Though we're always so keen

For the b-e-e-e-l-l (bell) to ring.

I know its a grind.

But I'm sure we can find

A way to have fun

While we get this work done.






Tell me what to do.

Tell me when its due.

A little bit o' English, A little bit o' science

And some social studies too.

Weekends, catching up on sleep.

Weekends, hanging at the beach.

Hang with friends and make some smoothies.

Snuggle up and watch some movies.

Going to see my favourite band.

Going to the ma-all (mall) and...

Get a dress that suits my style.

Lounge around the pool awhile

Hangin round with my favourite friends.

We 've got it made.





Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed it and please tell me your thoughts on it.

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