''The Jinx''

In slang language the word''jinx'' means a person who all his/her life has only bad luck. Well, Mona May is jinx. She is a ordinary young woman with unusual life. But this will drastically change on her 30th birthday, only two days before Christmas


2. very good




  Half of the year passed imperceptibly but Mona May's troubles never had an end. Being seriously shaken from the lightning a month ago, from now on, even though accepting her destiny, the shop-assistant became more careful in what she does or goes. In her case maybe it will be of no use, but an extra caution is not superfluous.

Today Mona May was holding a book in her hands, trying to figure out why all this happen to her. The book's name is:''Why bad things happen to good people'' by some famous German psychologist. The young woman reads and reads but all this material was a blur in her head. She didn't understand much, simply because none of the described things in the book were not relevant to her and the life that she leads. Maybe Mona May's life was a precedent and she have to be examined by some scientists. But a second later that thought petrified her.

-I , to be a lab rat? No, thanks-thought through a smile Mona and left relentlessly the book. It was of no use for her any way.

Mona May desperately needed a change. She needed to escape for a while from the small town she lives all her life in. Her job was boring, her colleagues, too. Not to mention the other curious people and the known to pain Mars.

The jinxed woman saved some money for rainy days but decided to spend them for an excursion. Well, not very far. Maybe going to the East Coast with a ferry or simple tourists boat. It will be definitely an adventure for the woman who never ever traveled outside the borough of Mars.

Mona May decided no longer and telephoned to her boss to gave her 4 days off work. He agreed miraculously.

-That was easier as I expected to be-said to herself Mona and started packing her luggage.

Her first vacation ever. Outside Mars, Pennsylvania. Far from the judging eyes of the local folks. Far from the ordinary and boring stuff. Was Mona right, though?

                                                                                                         . . .


   Her organizing skills paid it off. Mona May was finally in the ferry , after traveling 2 days with different buses through different cities, one of which was Pittsburgh -the city she wanted to see at least once in her life. She heard a lot about that city and finally her dream become real. Now another of her dreams was about to become real, too. Seeing the East Coast of the United States two days was beyond her wildest dreams and now …..oh, now, this is possible. Her eyes were observing with child's curiosity everything around her. And this wasn't even the coolest part. For her, the coolest part of her adventure was that during that cruise she will no see familiar faces and people who travel with her will not know anything about her. Mona May also feels that somehow the bad luck remained in Mars and here it will not chase her. But was the young woman wrong this time, too? With one word-yes!

After two hours sightseeing and basically enjoying life at fullest, without a warning the captain of the ferry announced the tourists that the water vehicle was unrepairable injured by some undersea reef.

-Oh, no! If that's not a bad luck.....I am a cloud-exclaimed disappointed one of the passengers.

That instant something clicked inside Mona May's head and she was disappointed , too because already knew that the injury of the ferry was ONLY her fault.

-Sometimes I wish I just...die!-almost cried inside Mona.

This particular August day was beyond perfect. Mona May felt for the first time really happy. The weather was cloudless and sunny. People around her were in very good mood. Nothing predicted that such a misfortune will happen. If people on board knew about this American jinxed woman, they will probably lynch her. But what she could do? She was not able to prevent it. Mona May was trapped in the weirdest spell and all her life she was bearing the consequences of her actions and presence.

Bitter and gloomy, Mona May bought a single ticket to Pittsburgh. When she arrives there, she will catch another bus to her home town-Mars. Her vacation was OVER.




   The autumn came. The borough of Mars covered with checkered leaves. Not only the main streets and alleys but also most of the roofs,Mona May's repaired new roof was not an exception. The warm summer was over and the local people were little sad about that fact. Not Mona May. Her summer was disappointing in many aspects, not only the ferry incident.

Life in Mars, Pennsylvania floats the same way. Well, until September 5th. There were rumors floating from mouth to mouth that a thief is coming to their peaceful little town and almost every night rummaged a private property.

Mona May didn't want to believe these rumors because she knew local folks too well. Many times they spoke outright lies not only to her but for other things, too. Although gossip is the main language in local rural Mars, this time people who spread these rumors turned to be right. It was confirmed by the local police station in Butler County.

After this announcement,many of the citizens in Mars began to worry about their lives and their property. Mona May was not an exception.

The thief was already not identified or spotted at crime scene , but just for bigger security , the police department of Butler Counted every night sent a police car , driving around the whole town.

-As I am aware of my luck, I should expect any time soon the thief at home!-thought late at night Mona and only the thought of it chilled her bones. That's why she started locking very good the doors and windows. She hasn't kept a pistol or a rifle at her house and that's why was very worried every night the jinxed woman went to bed.

                                                                                                    . . .


 Five days later, when as usual ,Mona May went to bed after watching some TV, suddenly some voices were coming from the front door. Mona May felt she was in big trouble. Without warning,as later became clear, a flying squad broke her front door with force and barged in her kitchen. The four men of the flying squad were holding black masks and weapons. From her bedroom she remained scared like rabbit behind the door, waiting only for her sever verdict from ''the thief''. She hears well the words''Where are you, bastard'' and''Freeze'' and when some of the flying squad rushed in the bedroom, she screamed ,engulfed in fear with full throttle.

-Don't shoooot me, don't shoooot me!-cried out the woman-I haven't done anything!


When all members of the flying squad realized that they made a terrible mistake, apologized sincerely to Mona May and very fast left the wrong house. Their policeman-in-chief told them that according to some local people they saw the thief in the neighborhood where Mona May lives. Obviously, it was a misunderstanding and basically the only person who had to cope this''misunderstanding'' was the poor Mona May.

She expected the real thief in her house, but instead received a bunch of armed muscular guys. What more can I say? Destiny has a weird sense of humor.




        Nothing special occurred in October , except the fact that on Helloween Mona May's house and windows were besmeared with raw eggs and rotten tomatoes. Also her door was wrapped in toilet paper and all her jack-o-lanterns in her garden broken. But this was nothing in comparison to what Mona May experienced in November.


                                                                                                      . . .


   The November air cut like a thin piece of paper. Mona May's face felt that vigorously. It was afternoon and she was in a hurry toward her warm home. But a street before the street where she lives, she saw an old panhandler. There were no beggars in Mars, Pennsylvania and she was shocked to see an old man in the cold at the end of the street. Mona May is a merciful young woman and when seeing devastating pictures in real life or on TV, her heart just breaks and she becomes sad. She approached the old panhandler and gave him 5 dollars and tried to fake a smile. That's all she had in her purse. Then, before leaving the old man, he spoke to her:

-Soon, your misfortunes will find an end. Just be a little more patient!

-Excuse me, sir-Mona May's eyes were popping out-I am not sure what you are talking about-lied the jinxed woman.

-You don't need to hide the truth, dear. Anyway, know that soon the curse will fade and you will be lucky again.

These words were coming from a strange panhandler who Mona May never seen in her life before because there were no beggars in Mars.

What she hear was like a manna for her ears but was there any reason to believe the beggar's words?

Well, what she had to do, was waiting.

The next day and the next day after that there was no trace of the old panhandler. This man remained mystery for Mona May





   Do you remember the mysterious panhandler from November? Well, I am going to reveal you a secret-he was the grandson of the gypsy woman who very long time ago said to Mona May's grandmother that when her future granddaughter turns 18, she will live in misfortunes. But what you don't know is the whole story.

The gypsy woman also said Mona May's grandmother that if her future granddaughter accepts all the misfortunes and awkward situations with peace and calmness, when she turns 30 years, the bad things and events will disappear in her life. But only with that condition.

Most of the citizens in Mars knew only half of the story. Mona didn't know the story at all. And maybe it was a blessing in disguise.


                                                                                                         . . .


   Mona's family name is May. But she wasn't born in that spring month. Actually, the young woman was born two days before Christmas. It was a good sign-she thought all her life-to be born little before a holly fest is some kind of a blessing. But no much blessing happen in Mona May's life …..until this month.


  But before that several awkward things occurred again. Mona May didn't bother at all because she used to it every single day of her life.

Only four days before Christmas, Mona May bought a fir-tree, decorations, lamps, candles and products for cooking.

She started with the decorations and all of a sudden when she plugged in the electric colorful lamps, something went wrong and they exploded and sparks were flying around her living-room.

With no electricity she couldn't celebrate Christmas, right?

So, the next winter day, Mona May went to the post office where in this little town , the electricity bills were being paid there, she queued waiting. It was long queue, though. After half an hour with only minimal development in shortening the queue, she was impatient and when trying to feel a little warming while rubbing her hands, the lady behind counter, in front of the old computer , announced everybody in the queue that the software broke and if people still like to pay their bills, should return after 3 hours.

The clock on the wall in the post office showed 12 at noon. Mona May didn't want to return there three hours later and almost left without nerves, spontaneously the jinxed woman decided to buy a scratch ticket only for a dollar and see if she will receive an early present.

To be honest, Mona May didn't believe at all that this scratch ticket will give her something in return of her spent one dollar, but she hasn't anything to lose any way. One dollar is not a pain to die for, any way. The shop-assistant took a coin and start rubbing the field on the scratch ticket. And only three days before Christmas, the always-bad-luck-woman won 100 dollars. There was no mistake. Mona May won something for the first time in her life ever. She was amazed and still non-believing her sudden twist of fate. To be completely sure, she showed the woman behind the broken computer the scratch ticket and the lady confirmed the winnings and paid off the sum of 100 dollars to the woman who didn't hide that day in the post-office her dismay in what had happened to her.

                                                                                                         . . .

   When Mona May return home , even though there was no electricity at her house and the Christmas tree remained undecorated, the room lightened. It was because of Mona. She was ecstatically happy and proud of her self. Then, also all of a sudden like her winnings from the scratch ticket, she remembered the words of that strange panhandler she saw one month ago.

-What if he was right-asked herself Mona.

-Is it too good to be true?

                                                                                                            . . .


    The snow covered all Mars, Pennsylvania. Seen from a bird's view, the little town looked like a fairy land. The snow was whiter than cotton and milder than a baby's skin.People were busy buying presents and decorating their sweet cozy homes. This time,unlike the previous year, Mona May was no exception. She prepared herself for the holiday season, too.

Two days before Christmas , the jinxed woman turned 30 and somehow that day she felt relieved. Like a heavy rock was dropped off from her shoulders. She never felt so exhilarated in her conscious life. And from this day, just like the gypsy woman promised, the bad luck disappeared for Mona May.

The next day the electricity came. Mona May had a lot work to do before Christmas. She finally decorated properly the fir-tree. Put lamps outside and made a big snowman in front of her house.

Then cooked and baked her famous Christmas flan with nuts and secret filling. Everything around Mona May seems perfect. And it was perfect. And still is.

In her last working day in the mini-market, before the holiday vacation, Mona May gave everyone a little present and wished them all the best for the next year. Many people replied:

-You will need luck more than us, honey!

-Oh, don't worry about that, colleagues, I promise I will be a different person next years and maybe you will not recognize me.

Her colleagues were surprised and hoped this to be true.


                                                                                                   . . .


   On Christmas day Mona May was glowing-inside and outside. She and her home pet-Nelly, the Cat, was more happy than ever. Mona blessed God for this miracle and prayed , kneeling near the Christmas tree.

Nelly, the Cat received a royal dinner by the cats' standards. Mona May indulged herself, as well. She deserve it more than any one in the planet.

  On this day she also made a secret wish and hoped strongly her wish to materialize soon. All the day, Christmas carols were to be heard everywhere in Mars. This year the little provincial town was unusual. People this Christmas were different and forgot all negativity and gossip. Miracles on Earth do exist and Mona May and her home town Mars, located somewhere in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. are the single proof for that.


                                                                                   T H E   E N D

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