''The Jinx''

In slang language the word''jinx'' means a person who all his/her life has only bad luck. Well, Mona May is jinx. She is a ordinary young woman with unusual life. But this will drastically change on her 30th birthday, only two days before Christmas


1. very good

   Luck is what Mona May was deprived the most in her ordinary life.. In fact, she was never lucky in absolutely anything. If you haven't met people who bring only bad luck around themselves, I guess you missed the fun of observing ridiculous situations that in the real life do not happen very often to normal people.

  Mona May is a normal person, with normal, rather boring job and not so interesting working place.

Everybody in the little borough of Mars, Pennsylvania knew who Mona May is because she is the local shop-assistant in the only shop around.

This 29-year old woman lived in the strangest named town in whole America. But this doesn't bother her because she was born in Mars and is currently living alone in a small house and everyday goes selling stuff at the local shop. Life in Mars, Pennsylvania would have been idyllic all the time , unless Mona May makes it curious and outstanding.

  A large number of the citizens in Mars are aware of the misfortunes of Mona May and also a large number of them tried to avoid her or to pretend they are in a hurry when she spoke them in the street.

The most surprising is that Mona May feels people sometimes looked her funny and acts awkward around her , but she doesn't understand why somehow people are estranged near her and avoid her, even when entering in the local shop where she offers her service to the customers. This remains mystery to the young woman.

  Mona May finds it normal when many times bad luck made her ridiculous to the other people who lives in Mars. She says to herself that nothings depend on her and what is about to happen will happen anyway, no matter how hard man tries to avoids the inevitable. That's why Mona May lives with peace of herself.

But why Mona May attracts so much misfortunes and bad luck around her?

If we believe the story, many years ago his grandmother was cursed to some evil gypsy woman. The gypsy woman need some sort of help but Mona May's grandmother didn't give her what she wanted and sent her away. The same minute when the gypsy woman said to the grandmother:

-''Be sure that the future baby girl of your daughter will be the unluckiest person in the whole wide world. This will happen when she become 18 years old.''.

Mona May's grandmother didn't believed the words and remained calm all her life but somehow to protect her future granddaughter, she kept this story with the gypsy woman and didn't tell nobody.

She died with this curse on her future granddaughter but even remained as a secret, the prophecy of the gypsy woman materialized by unknown paths and since the day of Mona May's 18th birthday, the girl experienced by now a lot of misfortunes.

The nickname of Mona May is ''the jinx'' and she knows how many of the people in Mars call her secretly, but she is too clever to pay any attention to those folks' claptrap.

Mona May doesn't know the story with her grandmother and the gypsy woman and so she accepted that this will be her life for years on and just accepts everything in her life-good or bad. Somehow she learned to accept the facts and events in her ordinary life. Mona get used to the bad luck so much, that sometimes she made fun of it for no reason.

Let me tell you now what a year in Mona May's life looks like




The winter this year in Mars, Pennsylvania is severe. The electricity is on and off all the time, trees are covered to the top with heavy wet snow, as well as some of the houses. No wonder why, Mona May's little house has the most snow in the whole borough. She can see only white landscape through her windows when she is inside.

People in Mars haven't seen so much snow in years and some thought it is because of Mona May.

One day, when the young woman goes to the local shop for work, she didn't noticed at all and most importantly didn't expect the street to be slippery because on the surface of the street she sees only wet snow and suddenly she founds herself on her butt, lying on the street.

-What a luck, I have!-thought Mona May and tried to stand up. She almost did stand but the road was so slippery that she fell again to the ground. Mona May started grinning and said to herself that this can happen to no one else but her .

After a continuous struggle with the snow, the street, her shoes and her heavy weight, Mona May finally managed to stand up and this time carefully to move her legs away from the slippery street. The shop-assistant was already 10 minutes late for work, so already marching on the sidewalk, she hurried with tiny steps toward her work place. Almost in vain. Even on the sidewalk, Mona May, like by some invisible force, smashed her corpse for third time on the paving-stones of the sidewalk, and froze motionless.

-Why, for heaven's sake didn't I get a taxi!-said angrily Mona May into the almost empty street.

Somehow and after numerous efforts, Mona May was ready to offer her service in the local shop. Thank God that this time no one in Mars saw in what comic situation the young woman experienced.





At the very end of February and in the begging of March the winter and the snow is almost a mirage. Good and warm days are coming. Maybe, but not for Mona May. As usual. Those who knows her/ and it was the whole borough/ will confirm. And then, will start laughing at the incredible and at the same time funny and awkward life of Mona May.

After the grand problems with the snow and ice in January, at first glance everything seems fine with Mona May. At least in this particular March day.

That day the woman was preparing a banana cake in her kitchen. She was really fond of sweets and cakes and pastries and indulged herself by any possible means. That March day Mona May decided to prepare something delicious for her and after being ready with the banana cake she wanted to sit cozy in the sofa and to spend the whole Saturday in front of TV, watching her favorite shows and the movie marathon on CBS.

But in Mona May's case nothing goes according to a preliminary made plan.

During the process of preparing the cake, she already used the tropic fruits and threw the banana peeling in the dust bin. But she missed it and didn't see that the peel fell off the floor. While running in and out her kitchen, the next time when the jinxed woman was passing by the dust bin, she slipped unexpectedly on the banana peeling and hurt herself very badly. But what she could do?

Swear her destiny? Get angry? Cry? No, instead of accepting bad feelings about this case, Mona May laughed and giggled one more time in her life and soon , very soon, when she stood cautiously up and lied on the sofa, forget about the ''accident''.


                                                                                       APRIL- MAY:


  Slipping on ice or on a banana peeling seems like a child's play in comparison to what is about Mona May to experience in the spring.

 It was Sunday and Mona May was in her small home. The weather was really nice and for a change the young woman made up her mind to relax in the hammock in her back yard. She hadn't used it for ages and decided to made her afternoon nap there. She put her jipijapa hat and very quickly closed her tired eyes.

Unbeknown to her, a meteorite was fire balling it's way across the sky. Indeed, last night the weather girl predicted some sort of bad weather, but no one could assume that a meteorite was about to fall from the sky directly over Mona May's house roof here in Mars, Pennsylvania. But the ''wonder'' really happened.

The rock fragmented into two pieces during its descend. One of the pieces by unknown Lord's paths smashed through the young jinxed woman roof.

Mona May heard the growling crash and felt stressed right away. When she opened her dizzy eyes, one hour after she took a nap, she simply couldn't believe what her eyes were showing . That moment Mona May thought she was dreaming and the smashed roof was just a nightmare. The shop-assistant stood to her feet and disbelievingly, approached closer her home. Thank God she was outside her backyard. If Mona May was inside the house, maybe the meteorite would hit her very bad.

 Yes, she knows well her luck but still couldn't realize how come such terrible horrible things may happen even to people with no luck at all. Why Gods don't leave her alone and every month they send her even greater challenge?

Many of the citizens in Mars gathered around Mona May's little house and talked that such thing can happen exactly to her and no one else. Some even yelled that Mona May is ''natural disaster'' and'' a hazard to the borough of Mars'' but she didn't hear them and only begged the gapers to go home and to forget what they saw.

Indeed, it was a bad moment for the jinxed woman to face people talks. Now she was way more difficult problem-fixing the roof.

 Maybe if she ask the local carpenter, he would help her. But what if he refuses to repair the roof because he doesn't want to enter the enchanted house and the jinxed Mona? Frankly speaking, Mona May was afraid asking for help or favor not only the local carpenter but anyone in Mars, plainly because everybody knows how much bad luck she brings with herself and they didn't want to ''catch'' some of her bad luck when going near her.

It seemed that Mona May was in a hard situation and other people only click their tongues and wished themselves never to see such disasters in Mars again.

-With Mona living in our city everything can happen, folks-said the mayor of Mars. The others agreed the mayor's statement and with their heads down hit the road back home.

Only the mayor was a little braver than the other people in Mars and went to tell Mona May that he will send someone to fix her roof. Of course ,there should have money provided for that

-Don't worry about the money, sir-said Mona to the mayor-just call somebody for the smashed roof. That's what I only ask of you.

After this brief conversation, the mayor left Mona May's house and left her clean the debris of the meteorite.

                                                                                               . . .

 The next morning, the people in Mars read about the accident in the local''Butler County Gazette'' and once again discussed what happened yesterday in Mona May's house.




                               In Mars, Pennsylvania the raining season this year started a bit earlier.

  It was raining cats and dogs on 6th of June. How inappropriate for Mona May because she had to go out working in the local''At Pal's'' food mini market. Typically in Mona May's situation she couldn't find her brown umbrella. Had no raining coat, too. What she had to do was going out the street in that horrid weather and running toward the mini market. But the rain was truly unbearable for the 29 -year woman and she stop in the middle of her destination under a large oak tree in the park of Mars, called''Samuel'' by the name of some governor from Pittsburgh. Indeed, Mars is located between the cities of Pittsburgh and Butler but the ordinary Mona with unusual destiny never visited these two neighboring cities. This girl was really out-of-this-world-creature but in a good way.

  Well, the oak tree was a comfort for the wet Mona May. At least she finds herself in dry place rather than running like crazy down the street and probably hours later catching a cold. She preferred to wait for the torrential rain to cease and to be late for work than be there on time in awful condition and unable for the 8 hour shift at''Pal's''.

Needles to say''Samuel'' Park was empty. No people were seeing around. In that weather people preferred sitting at home drinking tea or reading the local gazette. Not Mona May. She had to work for living.

 While hiding under that big old tree from the rain and dark clouds, Mona May was thinking that event hough her native little town is ''basically nowhere place'' she was proud of Mars history.

 Did you know that the lead singer of the band''Poison'' was born nearby? Or that George Washington passed through that park during the Indian-French War. To commemorate this extra special even, many years ago, the people of Mars put a statue of G. Washington in the middle of the park where right now embraced by the tree's branches and leaves,Miss Jinx/like some mean folks called her/ was panicking that the rain doesn't stop and she already was hearing the growl of the dark clouds and some yellow flashes in the morbid sky.

Mona May felt too bored for staying under the oak tree and probably during this awful weather, there will be no customers in the local shop, so she decided to find the way to her little house. Again.

But while deciding what exactly to do, a lightning from the sky hit the old tree and part of the electricity passed through her bones. Something really scared and life-threatening happened to the young woman but even though Mona May was thrown down the wet ground, she remained unflappable. Maybe she was little scared ,too but she didn't show it. She just ran as faster as she could in the rain and soon reached her beloved home.

-I had to foresee it, damn it!-Mona May was thinking while running in the rain.

-Sometimes I act really silly!

  Some children saw her running in the rain from their windows and started laughing. They didn't know what happened just a minute ago. If they knew, I guess they will never hurt that woman again who had no fault being so out of luck

                                                                                              . . .

   It was pure clean and shining the next day. Like the torrential rain and the lightnings didn't happen just a day ago. Mona was at home, still in bed and had absolutely no desire to wake up some time soon. Maybe it was for better.

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