now i am finally free

story about a girl who always did what others told her to do but now she opened her eyes and saw people who the really are but now people will see her rise and follow her because now she is finally free


3. Obey me

Sometimes, I think school is the only place where I can breathe because at home It is always fights and taunts but I was wrong because even school bosses me around.

I really love my friends and would do anything for them.

Would they do anything for me ?

When ever I had a fight with my friends I would be the first to say sorry even if it wasn't my fault. I just could not stay away from my friends for more then 10 mins.

It was the lunch break when it happened. I always felt nice in the open air rather than a class stuffed with 40 childeren.So did my other friends except one. She was my best friend. Her name was Sam.

We were all talking about something and Sam would come to me in every 30 secs and poke me and disturb me.

" Come on, Sandy lets go inside"

" We don't want to go inside"

"Come on please than I will never talk to you again."

"Fine, you can go inside. I know you are going inside to meet Derek"

"Yes, I do want to meet him and you are coming with me"

"No , I am not"

" I hate you." and Sam went away fuming.

I didnot think this thing could ever anger anyone. When later I went to her and said hi she did not respond I thought she was playing a game with me as she always does everyday .But instead of hugging me as was her routine she pushed me away and I almost fell over one of the desk.

This got me angry but on the outside I remained calmand said " Why are you doing this sam? What did I do ?"  

" You did not obey me"

Hearing those words set a fire in me and I shouted" What do you think yourself to be? A queen and all the others are going to obey you. huh?"

With those words I thought I lost a presious friend today and stormed out the classroom.

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