now i am finally free

story about a girl who always did what others told her to do but now she opened her eyes and saw people who the really are but now people will see her rise and follow her because now she is finally free


5. I am sorry too.

My weekend was good. I had some guests had fun with my cousins and I totally forgot about my fight with Sam. Which was kind of funny. I had to do some homework and was having some dfficulty doing it so I called Sam for help.

"Hello, Sam have you done your geo homework." I said Their was a long pause of about 10 secs I thought their was some problem with the connection. "Hello, Sam you their."

"I am here ."

"You okay? anyway . Where was I yeah have you done-" I was cut short by Sam.

"I am sorry. I hope you are not angry anymore."

"Angry? Why would I be angry with you."

"I have not done my homework. I will see you in the school. Bye."She ended the call.

I was still confused from this 1 min call and I was still not able to make sense of wahat Sam was saying until I met her in school the next day.

When I reached school I was just keeping my bag on the chair when Sam suddenly came and hugged me. God, I was still confused  and could not remember anything. When Sam finally said-

"I swear Sandy, I never said anything to Anyone and you are still my best friend and still above then anyone in the world."

When I finally remembered that I had a fight with Sam last weekend and completely forgot about it in the weekend.

"Sandy , I have got a letter for you which I have written for you with my heart . Here I want you to have it." Sam said and she handed me a huge 4 page letter. 

I was now really ashmed that I never thought of this fight in the weekend and she wrote a huge letter for me. I must have made a face for show my sympathy but she thought it as something else.

"Sandy you still angry with me you know I-" I cut her mid sentence and said 

"Please don't kill me for saying this but I completly forgot about this fight and was having fun you know."

Now, Sam was definetly angry she shouted-

" You forgot about it and I cried the whole weekend for this. You better run for your life Sandy waymen cause you are about to die."

I ran for my life.

After half an hour of running we were really tired we sat down. Sam said -

"I am still gonna kill you ."

" you can kill me but after some break, okay."

"Okay, you know I am really glad you forgot about it because I cannot live without you. Now I am really sorry Sandy." She said.

"I am sorry about it too. I guess I shouldn't haveshouted at you without knowing the truth and by the way the letter you gave me had a lot of grammetrical mistakes." I said.

" Sandy. " and I again ran for my life.

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