now i am finally free

story about a girl who always did what others told her to do but now she opened her eyes and saw people who the really are but now people will see her rise and follow her because now she is finally free


4. Blur

Today, I will not say sorry to Sam she should come and say sorry to me if she does I will forgive her and forget everything. In the next period Derek was sitting behind me I got up not wanting to sit anywhere near him but he stopped me and said "Wait, Sandy I want to talk to you about something"

" If it is about Sam I dont want to talk about it"


"Please , Why are you doing this ? You are her best friend Why do you told her that she should not talk to me and should break up with me."


" What ? I never said that"


"What , than you mean Sam is lying to me."


 "Yes, she is because I never said that."


 "Why should I believe you , you want us to break up, You know what you are nothing but a big jerk, Sam was right about you."


Those words broke me up like nothing else not even why family could do something like this to me. How could my best friend do this to me. I thought this was a normal fight in the beginning but this was taking face of something really ugly. But, this cleared one thing I will never talk to Sam even if she said sorry.


When the school ended I was going home when Sam came to me and said " I am sorry Sandy ,I didn't had my head on right."


"You never have your head on right, Sam. You want to say something to me say it on my face and not behind my back. Why lie so much ? when you want to break our friendship just break it why go to such lengths to do it." I said not looking at her


"What are you talking about? I never said anything behind your back. In fact I could not stay away from you for more than a period."


" You should have thought that when you said Derek that I was a jerk and wanted you to break up with him. you know now I really want you to break up with him because you will probably ruin that boy's life." with those words I want away not looking at her and left her in tears. When I heard  her say " I never told anything to Derek."

These words were a blur to me cause I didnot want to her anything she said and I went away to home.

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