now i am finally free

story about a girl who always did what others told her to do but now she opened her eyes and saw people who the really are but now people will see her rise and follow her because now she is finally free


2. Am I normal

I was a normal teenager. With good family and friends.

My everyday started with my dad beside me reading a newspaper and my mom sipping tea and my brother's feet over my face. I jerked his foot back and he woke up with a start and he said " hey! what the hell ? fat bean bag " " you call me that again you better watch your ass". i said

"Sandy is that the way you speak to your brother .He is 7 years older than you say sorry to him"

"Mom you never say anything to him is this the way he should speak to his 7 years younger sister"

"Sandy dont argue and say sorry"


"now go to the washroom clean up and get ready for school and till then both of you keep away"

I want out and and could see my brother grining I gave him a scowl and went away.


This things were small but they were enough to get me irritated. When I was ready for school. Today I thought I will let my hair free and won't tie them. Through the mirror I saw my dad looking at me " You want something dad" I said  " no I was just thinking won't you tie your hair back" my dad said with jed eye stare on me. "No I thought today I will not tie them"

"You will"

"What dad"

"I said you will tie your hair back or you will not go to school"

"But dad -

He cracked a tight slap across my face.

I went to school that day with my hair tied back and tears slipping down on my face. And I thought to myself why was I born to this family please god change them why are they like this? make them normal. Than I asked  my self are they crazy or am I crazy . Am I normal?.

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