Blue Moon: Darkness

Our story begins when the protagonist wakes up in the middle of an ice-covered terrain. He has no memories, but that isn't necessarily the biggest problem.


4. Chapter 4


Zade woke up to the sound of alarms blaring in his room. 

It had not been easy sleeping during the...night? Could he call it that? There was no day to begin with. But Zade remembered it being pitch black outside, with violent winds blowing and only the light of the buildings to illuminate the city. He had to know what happened to Earth. 

It was paradoxical. Zade didn't remember having any memories of living on Earth, but he was pretty sure that, even if he was amnesiac, that he should be on Earth. 

Anyways, the alarm made Zade wake up so fast, he fell of the bed.

He looked around, rubbed his eyes, put on his T-shirt and Jacket, and ran out of the room. Outside, the alarms were even louder. Zade didn't know where to go, so he looked outside the glass window, and, in that instant, the window shattered, and a burst of flames threw him back. 

Zade landed on the floor, unhurt by what he could tell, but felt angry. Carefully, he walked to the opening in the wall, and peeped outside. He was well above the surface, almost six hundred meters. Icy winds were blowing, but it was very bright outside. Suddenly, Zade saw something very large fly swiftly in front of him. It barely missed the building.

Zade ran for the elevator, and said, "Ground Floor". Moments later, he emerged into the lobby, where various soldiers were present, wearing black jackets, camouflage pants and huge guns on their sides. They stood in a square formation, and in the front, stood Colonel Stanley.

"Men!" His voice boomed. "The Valdorians are here. They have surrounded the archives and the Valhalla Medical Hospital. We must rid the city of them. Shoot to kill." The soldiers gave out a huge cry, and rushed out of the building.

Stanley spotted Zade, and rushed towards him.

"Zade! What are you doing here?" He asked.

"The alarms woke me up, and then, I almost got killed by fire" Zade replied. All around them, people were rushing in frantically. It was total chaos.

"Okay. This is not what I had planned. But you have to follow me now. Come on." With that, he rushed outside the building. 

Zade followed him, and immediately, emerged into a pandemonium. 

The streets were filled with ongoing battles between the soldiers and...some people. As Zade ran, he saw something peculiar. While the soldiers fought with various guns and hand-grenades, the "Valdorians", as Stanley had called them, were fighting with swords, scythes and spears. 

Zade thought it was suicide. What good could you possibly do with a sword against a high-power gun?

Apparently, a lot of damage. Zade stared in awe how fast the Valdorians struck the soldiers, and they crumpled. He managed to keep sight of Stanley, who was busy shooting anyone who came in his path. He hopped onto the nearest Scavenger, and flew off. Zade dashed across the road, gaining traction before using a platform as a ledge and hopped onto Stanley's Scavenger.

"Hey Colonel!" Zade yelled, and Stanley quickly turned, as he brought out his gun. His face was filled with pure surprise as he saw Zade's face.

"Zade! You should not have come. Things can get-" He was cut short as a huge boulder slammed into the Scavenger, and they were sent crashing into the ground.

Zade jumped out of the Scavenger at the last second, but Stanley wasn't so lucky. He struggled to move as the chassis of the destroyed Scavenger kept him pinned to the ground.

Zade tried to help him, but it was too heavy for him to lift. 

"Go yourself." Stanley said, "I'll be fine."

"The hell I will," He snarled, and continued trying to pull the Scavenger up, but it was useless.

"Zade, run!" Stanley shouted, as he looked at something behind Zade in anger.

He turned, and saw a pair of Valdorians a couple of meters away, grinning and swinging their identical scythes maliciously. Zade knew that there was no we could fend off against two of them, but he also couldn't leave Stanley to die.

He looked around desperately, searching for anything to fight with. His eyes fell on a black sword lying in the nearby wreckage. 

Zade felt feverish, but then, another force took over him.

He picked up the sword, and held it at an arm's distance. The Valdorians raised an eyebrow, but the first one impatiently rushed at him, maybe thinking that Zade was weak.

He slashed with his sword with lightning fast speed, but Zade parred it easily, and, without thinking, went into auto-attack mode. He slashed, and, with great difficulty, the Valdorian blocked. After some time, the Valdorian soldier let down his guard, and Zade went for the kill, slashing his scythe into two, and stabbed him in the gut. He fell to the ground, bleeding.

"Zade.." Stanley muttered, shell-shocked, "how did you-" The second Valdorian, enraged at the fall of his comrade, rushed to attack the fiend in front of him. He leapt through the air, and raised his scythe to attack, but before he could, Zade intercepted his attack in mid-air, broke his scythe, and slashed him across the chest. He too, fell.

Zade regained some control, but he could feel the rage still coursing through his body. He turned to face the Colonel, and, in a split second, slashed the sword through the Scavenger, freeing Stanley. 

"You're a Valdorian?" He asked incredulously as Zade helped him to his feet.

"No. Look, I don't remember anything right now, but we have to move."

Stanley looked at him, a bit vary, but then he decided to follow. The two ran through the city, blasting and stabbing any Valdorian who dared to approach them. The next hour went by in a blur, as the two fought back-to-back, not sparing anyone.

At last, they made it to the center of the city, which was the dome-shaped building. It was under heavy attack. Zade noticed the attack was focused more on this spot anymore than any place else. 

Also, something strange was going on. All around him, the Valdorians were controlling fire and were creating boulders that rose from the tarmac of the roads. There were about ten more soldiers trying to hold off the attackers, but they were going down pretty fast.

While Stanley shot, Zade swung his sword like a lunatic, hacking and slashing at any Valdorian in sight. The Valdorians panicked to find someone with a sword taking them down, and came to focus on Zade. They threw columns of flame at him, but he deflected it using the sword with relative ease. They threw boulders, and Zade cut through them. Sparks flew around him as the air was filled with a scent of explosives and blood, and within a couple of minute, every Valdorian was subdued.

Suddenly, Zade heard a mighty bellow behind him. He turned, and saw a pair of Siauhu rushing towards him. The soldiers easily brought them down with the guns, but one was able to dodge them. Before it could attack, Stanley jumped and smacked the creature hard across its maw with a humongous rock, then brought his gun next to the creature's face and shot-it point blank. The Siauhu instantly vaporized, leaving behind only black residue that was swept away by the wind.

Zade then crumpled to the ground, feeling extremely drained from what he had just done, while Stanley stood quietly, his hands in his pockets.

Then, out of the corner of the street, a new group of Valdorians emerged. However, they wore metal armour, and wielded sharp swords like mine, only grayish. The leader of the group, a man of about forty years, walked ahead. He was well-muscled, tall and had a cruel look in his eyes. He looked Zade up and down, and so did many others of his group.

"So, you have another Valdorian amongst you, Stanley?" The man said, with a cold, heavy voice.

"What the hell are you doing in Valhalla, Ray?" Stanley said, his voice steely calm.

"Why, I'm here to get back our kin whom you keep prisoner in your city. I did not expect to find another Valdorian here, though." He again looked at Zade, eyeing the sword that the latter held grasped within his fingers.

"He is not a Valdorian, Ray. And Cameron, Gia, Tyson and Elizabeth chose to live here."

"Ah..your precious Four. Five, I presume, now that you have another Valdorian amongst you" He turned to face Zade.

"What's your name, young warrior?"

"Zade," He replied, and then noticed how the streets were suddenly filled up with soldiers. "If you want stay alive, surrender".

Ray seemed to notice the position he was in. 

"Oh, these soldier?" He pointed to the mass of men behind him, "They can't touch me. You see, I am the leader of the Valdorians, and keeping me prisoner would mean that Valhalla has declared war on Valdore. Tell me, Zade. How would you like a real war?"

"War begun half a milennia ago, Ray." Stanley cut in. "It began with you Valdorians, but rest assured that it will us Valhallans who will end it."

"Yeah, yeah," Ray snorted, "All this 'Valhalla is the best' bullshit is getting old. Although," He paused to look at Zade, "You have a chance. Join us, and bring this city down. Because we will escape, and we will be back with a much more powerful army."

"Shove off" was all he got in response.

Ray gave a small 'humph', and then, turning, started walking. The soldiers behind his group raised their weapons, but Ray gave out a cry and a massive wall rose around him and his followers, and a second later, they dropped, only to reveal nothing inside.

"Where did they-?"

Stanley walked up to me, an angry look on his face.

"Teleportation. It is not uncommon in Valdore. Speaking of which, you lied to me, Zade." He said.

"I didn't. I don't know what happened. Something took over me." Zade replied. That was the last thing he needed to happen. 

All around the city, people were emerging, the soldiers recovered, and all of them glared at Zade. Before he could do anything, Stanley pulled him inside the dome-shaped building

The main room was small with various doors. Stanley took the one rightmost one, and Zade followed. It emerged into a staircase made up of floating glass steps, but they could easily handle their weight. At the end of the staircase, Stanley punched in a few commands into a panel, and instantly, the entire room lit up.

No. Not a room. An entire underground section, easily twice as big as the block above the surface

"Come on, Zade," Stanley said, with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Let's teach you about Blue Moon."

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