Blue Moon: Darkness

Our story begins when the protagonist wakes up in the middle of an ice-covered terrain. He has no memories, but that isn't necessarily the biggest problem.


15. Chapter 15

Sixty miles? What a joke.

At least, with Scavengers, it took Tyson and Elizabeth just half an hour to reach the second camp.

Back at the underground Valdorian HQ, Tyson suggested that they should look for some supplies and possibly some transport so that even if somehow the soldiers managed to get the message to the camp, the transports would increase their chances of successfully rescuing their friends.

And so, after setting several of the buildings on fire and driving out most of the Valdorian soldiers, Tyson chanced upon two Scavengers hidden in a building. He stuffed as many water capsules and weapons as possible in the containment units, and then hopped into it with Elizabeth in the other and flown as fast as possible.

It still baffled him that they were underground, as even though he was several meters above ground level, he could barely see the cave ceiling. Tyson wondered if it meant that they were closer to the surface of the planet, as several caves beneath the icy Highlands were similar to one they were in, but at that time, he chose to ignore the fact, and simply concentrated on rescuing his sister.

He still had a bone to pick with her.

Why hadn’t she told him that Zade had discovered his abilities? It couldn’t have been that bad, right?

But he also knew that she didn’t hide things unless they were serious. Tyson presumed that she didn’t tell him what his powers were, or that Zade had discovered them, because she would have to disclose the fact that she ran into their father.

And so, with these thoughts in mind, he signaled Elizabeth to land the Scavengers about four hundred meters away from where he had spotted the single tent.

They didn’t want to lose them, at any rate, since they would prove to be an asset to them, but they couldn’t risk being seen.

So, Tyson set up a tracker on the Scavengers, and attached the tracking device on his wristband.

“Now, let’s get them back.” Elizabeth exclaimed. Tyson nodded, and the two of them started walking, and ten minutes later, they had successfully managed to sneak up on the tent without any misfortune.

Elizabeth broke down the door, and as the two entered through the narrow opening, the startled guards charged at them. Elizabeth smiled, as she slashed both of the men across the chest, and as they fell, she tied them up with metallic chains which were lying conveniently next to them.

She glanced around the room, and saw Cameron and Gia propped up against the wall. Cameron seemed to be fine, but Gia…

Tyson’s heart skipped a beat, when he saw the various cuts all over body. Her face was untouched, but she looked pale and weak, clearly due to severe loss of blood, which was visible on the floor next to her.

“Gia!” Tyson yelled frantically.

Cameron opened his eyes, and turned to face his friends, who were staring at something beside him with their eyes wide open.

Tyson slashed at the chains that kept them both captive, and instantly pulled Gia into a hug.

Elizabeth went and helped Cameron up, who seemed dazed, tired and confused.

Gia used all her strength to open her eyes, to look at her brother’s sad face.

“Hey…” She said softly, as she could barely maintain consciousness.

Tyson just hugged her tightly, as Gia broke into tears.

Elizabeth and Cameron stood above them quietly.

“I’m sorry,” Cameron broke the silence, “I tried to stop them, but they knocked me out.” He hung his head in shame.

“It’s not your fault,” Gia mumbled.

“Tyson?” Elizabeth said.


“I don’t think Gia should continue on the journey.”

“Hey, don’t treat me like I’m-”

Tyson put his finger on her lips. He got up, grabbed Cameron, and pulled him down.

Tyson took out a communicator from his bag, and handed it to Cameron.

“Take care of my sister till I return, okay?”

“Dude, what are you-?”

But it was too late for either Cameron or Gia to say anything. Tyson concentrated, and some seconds later, Cameron and Gia vanished from sight.

Tyson got up, praying that he had done it right. He turned to Elizabeth, who was smiling slightly.

He smiled back, knowing that she had understood his actions.

A minute later, his communicator crackled.

“Tyson!” It was the voice of Dr. Sycamore Hastings, the chief medical personnel in the Valhalla Medical Hospital. The voice was surprisingly clear.

It was the voice that gave so much relief to Tyson that he just simply sat down with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey, doc. What’s up?” He asked, in the usual manner in which he spoke in Valhalla.

“Your sister and Cameron are being treated as we speak. We expect them to recover fully by the end of this week. But my god, boy! You should have at least contacted us first. I was on my way home, when suddenly, these two pop up out of nowhere, bruised and hurt. Speaking of which, your sister is pretty mad at you.”

“As long as she lives, I’ve got absolutely no problem with that. Besides, I had a score to settle with her anyways.”

“Okay…where are you right now exactly?”

“Oh yeah, about that,” Tyson picked up the chip containing the co-ordinates of the Valdorian HQ.

He transferred the data over the communicator.

“What’s this?” Sycamore asked, “Co-ordinates? For where?”

“The Valdorian Underground HQ. Just give it to Colonel Stanley. He’s going to have a picnic. Got to go. Bye.”  Saying that, Tyson put the communicator down.

“Whenever did you pick those up?” Elizabeth asked.

“Those are not the only thing I picked up.” He replied. He took out the other chip in his pocket, which displayed another set of co-ordinates.

“What are those for?” She asked.

“The exact location of the core, and a 3D map of the entire structure of Blue Moon.”


Gia lay in her bed, with her body aching so badly, she couldn’t resist letting tears escape from her eyes.

The painkillers were starting to take effect, but it would be long before she would be pain-free.

The door of her chamber opened as Cameron and Dr. Sycamore walked in.

Cameron grabbed her hand, which Gia found kind of sweet.

“So, Gia, I imagine it must be quite painful. Don’t worry. In a week, you’ll be completely fine.” Dr Sycamore said.

“It’s not something that I can’t bear.” She replied, her eyes closed, as she tried to get into a comfortable position.

“I understand,” He said, “I’ll leave you to rest.”

“One thing though,” She said, “Tell my brother that the next time I see him, I’m going to punch him hard.”

“Very well,” Sycamore replied.


Cameron walked along with the doctor, in the halls of the Valhalla Medical Hospital.

He couldn’t decide whether to feel relieved, or worried.

He wanted to feel relieved because he was back home, but he was worried because three of his friends were still back in the caves.

Cameron also felt miserable as he had failed to protect Gia. It had automatically become his responsibility to protect her.

He saw, however, how Tyson still had complete faith in him. Cameron smiled a bit. Why wouldn’t he? Cameron was Tyson’s best bud. They wouldn’t ever lose faith in each other.

Cameron urged Dr. Sycamore to first stop at the food court, as he was severely hungry. He went to the first shop he laid his eyes on, ordered the largest meal on the menu, and wolfed it down in mere minutes.

“This reminds me,” Sycamore said, “of the day that Zade had awoken in the hospital after being rescued. He too, had visited the food court and ate as fast as possible.”

Cameron then felt even guiltier. He had been in a party of four, which included the most fearsome warriors of Valhalla. Yet, two of them were knocked out of the search. It made him wonder how Zade was doing.

That guy never seemed to quit. He had been a little lost at first, but once he got that sword of his, he completely owned everyone and everything. He was even selected to be the leader of the group and by Stanley.

“He’s fine,” Sycamore spoke.


“Zade. You’re thinking about Zade, aren’t you? How he’s doing down there. According to Gia, he was travelling with Sven and Amanda. In that case, you shouldn’t worry.”

“Yeah, I know, but-”

The communicator in Cameron’s pocket started buzzing.

He picked it up and turned it on.

“Hey,” the voice sounded, “Tyson!”

“Zade?” Cameron said in surprise.

“Cameron? I thought Tyson was going to rescue you or something.” He spoke.

“He did, and then he transported me and Gia to Valhalla, as Gia was pretty badly,”

“Wait, what? You’re in Valhalla? How’s Gia?”

“Yes and Gia’s…hanging in there. She should be fine by next week, according to Sycamore.”

“Okay…if you can contact Tyson, let him know that I’m pretty close to the core.”

“How are Sven and Amanda?” Cameron asked.

“They’re…fine. They’ve gone scouting. I’m here defending camp.”

“Okay, I’ll tell Tyson. Goodbye and good luck.”

Cameron shut the communicator down and put it back in his pocket.

“So, it seems he’s fine.” Sycamore said, “But I think it’s time you have a talk with someone.”

“Who?” Cameron asked.

“Hello, Cameron,” A gruff voice came from behind him, and as Cameron turned, he found himself face to face with Colonel Stanley Rogers.


“So that’s what happened down there?”

Cameron sat in a chair in Colonel Stanley’s office, with several other officials sitting next to the table as well.


“Ok. It seems that everything is going smoothly, you know, except of what happened with poor Gia.”

Cameron grimaced, still blaming himself for that.

Stanley turned around to face the other officials.

“Well, it seems that there is good chances that Zade, Sven and Amanda will reach the core first, rid it of any threats, and wait for Elizabeth and Tyson to arrive, where Tyson can hopefully configure the core program to help sustain the environmental stability.”

“We hope so too, Colonel,” Colonel Thales spoke.

“All we can do now is wait.”

“And what do I do?” Cameron said impatiently.

Colonel Stanley looked at. His straight face morphed into a happy one.

“Come with me,” He said.

“You can’t take him,” Thales protested, “He needs to be fully assessed to assure whether or not he’s fit for further duty.”

Colonel Stanley turned around, and said, “Watch me.”

Then, with Cameron in tow, he marched out of the office, headed down the elevator, and out of the building.

“Sir,” Cameron spoke after some time, “Where are we going?”

“Tyson sent us some co-ordinates,” Stanley said, “The Valdorian Underground HQ should be empty by now, so the two of us are going to go and explore it, and try to extract as much information as possible. Of course, you can sit here and wait, given that you just returned-”

“Yeah, right,” Cameron interrupted.

“That’s what I thought.”

The two of them approached the parking lot, where Colonel Stanley hailed one of the guards stationed there.

He came running to them. First, he did a formal salute, then stammered,

“Y-Yes Sir?”

“Please tell Dr. Sycamore Hastings, who should be at the hospital right now, that I’m taking Cameron with me for a special, out-of-records exploration. No one else should get a wind of it, or else…” Stanley left the threat hanging.

The guard gulped nervously, and then spoke, “Sir, yes sir! I’ll tell Dr. Hastings. Please don’t fire me.”

He ran towards his Zipper, which was basically a smaller, grounded version of a Scavenger with wheels. He got on it, and zoomed away.

Stanley went towards the two Scavengers parked right in the front. He opened up both of their control panels, inserted the co-ordinates, and then hopped onto one of them.

“You coming?” He asked.

 Cameron nodded, and jumped into the other Scavenger. His was dark yellow-ish, while Stanley’s was maroon in color.

“Auto-guidance systems loaded,” An automate voice announced, “Setting course to co-ordinates”

The two scavengers rose into the sky, blasting away at full speed, and as they raced across the bright sky, Cameron couldn’t help but get a feeling of déjà vu.

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