Blue Moon: Darkness

Our story begins when the protagonist wakes up in the middle of an ice-covered terrain. He has no memories, but that isn't necessarily the biggest problem.


14. Chapter 14


Tyson woke up with his head spinning so badly he wanted to lie down and never get up again.

“What? Where is this?” He spoke grubbily.

He was alone, in what he guessed to be a tent.

A tent of course, didn’t mean your standard nylon-covered temporary structure. Valdorian tents were solid structures, and these kinds of imprisonment tents were about the same size as Tyson’s room in the Central Dome in Valhalla, which is to say, pretty freaking big.

He had expected to wake up with someone else with him, but was surprised when he woke up alone.

 Tyson was scared of what happened to the rest. Sure, he was seriously pissed at them, but at the same time, they were the only thing he had for a family.


Ray said that his father was dead.

Tyson could proudly say that he was, on hearing the news, ludicrously happy. He felt a twinge of annoyance, however, when he learnt that Zade killed him. Tyson wanted to be the one to do it, to be the last thing his rat-ass father saw before he left this world forever, so that he could eternally suffer for all the pain he had caused him, Gia and their mother…

But then, another thing crossed Tyson’s mind. Where the heck did Zade meet him in the first place?

Suddenly, Tyson realized that it must’ve been when the five of them had been separated in the Highlands.

In that case, they would have probably been captured by the Valdorians, and it must’ve been Zade who defeated his father and Ray.

In that moment, some of the respect that Tyson had lost for Zade returned, along with a sense of gratitude.

Tyson looked down, and saw that he was shackled to the ground. His hands and legs were immobilized, and near the door, there was a guard standing, with a large scythe in his hand, and he had donned black armor.

“Don’t even think about it,” He muttered.

“Where are-?”

“Your friends?” The guard finished for him.


“The one you call Elizabeth is in this camp, while the other two, Cameron and Gia, are at the other camp about sixty miles west of here.”

Tyson shook with anger. How dare these pathetic weasels capture him and his friends?

He realized that he could still use his powers, but the guard seemed to be thinking of the same thing, because before Tyson could start anything, the guard knocked him up the side of his head.


“Get up!” Tyson heard a voice say.

He did as was told.

He was feeling severely scared. He was sitting tied to a chair with ropes. Next to him, Gia was sleeping, her head resting on the armrest.

Tyson saw his father, and realized he was having a flashback. His father, Joseph Valdore, held an electric whip in his hand.

“Which one of you is up for today?” He curled the whip in his metallic hand, ready for a good time.

Tyson glanced at Gia’s sleeping figure next to him. No way would he let that cruel bastard do any harm to his sister.

“I-I w-will take th-the whip…” He stammered.

“Thank god you actually act like a man once in your life.”


Tyson woke up, tears streaming down his cheek, and his heart throbbing.

He looked around, and saw that the guard was asleep.

Before anything else could happen, he channeled his anger towards the guy in black. He felt his eyes glow, and the person was levitated off of his feet.

The person woke up all right, but when he did, he was thrust headfirst into the wall.

Tyson released him, only to pick him up and do it all over again until he was sure that the guard was dead.

What, Tyson thought, am I doing?

But he let go of his rationality, and levitated the person once more, bringing him closer to himself.

Tyson willed the person’s hands to unlock his shackles.

As soon as he did, Tyson carelessly tossed the person aside, and took his scythe.

“You want me to act like a man, then I will.” He said.

He cut through the door like it was made of paper, then kicked the remaining part of it open, and emerged into a huge area. Tyson had trouble believing that the place was inside the ice cave. It was massive, almost as big as Valdore.

So this is where these mongrels are hiding, Tyson thought.

Tyson went from door to door, searching for Elizabeth. He had to be careful, though. If anyone found out that he was loose, then an alarm was all the Valdorians needed to know whether or not his friends should be killed.

The system was thought up by Ray, obviously, for situations like this, when any prisoner out of several others would escape.

All anyone had to do was spot the escapee, and the spotter would send a signal, most likely an elemental flare, and the remaining guards would kill the rest of the prisoners.

It was done to minimize damage and Valdorian casualties, as this was usually done for Valhallan squads.

Tyson had only experienced it once before, and it was not a good experience.

So he sneaked around, tent to tent, peaking in to find Elizabeth.

It was in times like this that his small, skinny stature came in use. While Cameron and Zade were well over six feet, he fell short of them by several inches.

At last, he found her, in a tent smaller than the rest. She was lying on the cold floor, her hands covered with metallic pads, and two guards were stationed instead of one.

Both were sleeping though.

"When will they learn?" 

Of course, standing guard was not the most exciting job, especially when the prisoner was out cold. 

Tyson quickly slipped inside. He levitated both of them, and bashed their heads into the walls, until they were dead.

Tyson wondered why he was experiencing such a frenzy, but he didn’t have the time or the patience to stop and think.

He snatched the keys from the guards, and unchained Elizabeth.

“Hey, Elizabeth, wake up!” He lightly slapped her cheeks.

She woke up a few seconds later, trying to blink the harsh light of the room out of her eyes.


“Let’s go. We need to find Cameron and Gia.”

She got up, and instantly fell down.

“What’s wrong?” Tyson asked.

“My leg…those guards stepped on it purposely.” Elizabeth grumbled, “Speaking of which, what happened to-?”

She paused as her eyes glanced upon the dead guards, their heads bleeding profusely.

Elizabeth simply stared at Tyson with her mouth agape.

“Either them or us.”

Tyson put one arm of Elizabeth’s, and helped her walk.

“When did you grow a pair?” She muttered.

“One messed up nightmare and two deadly situations ago.”


They walked carefully, trying not to get noticed. The duo had some pretty close calls, one of them such a near miss, it was a miracle that they were still hidden.

“Where are Gia and Cameron?”

“Not here.” Tyson replied.

“What do you mean, not here?” Elizabeth questioned.

“Someplace other than this, or in other words, some place different.”

“Don’t mock me. Where are they?”

“I don’t know. According to the dead guard in my tent, in some other camp about sixty miles west of here.”

Tyson covered Elizabeth’s mouth with his hand before she could speak, as one of the soldiers passed by, and although he did notice something moving, he let it be.

“The next time you try and cover my mouth like that I’ll-”

“What? You’ll hit me? Yeah, I’m not scared.”

Tyson realized that he was being an ass, and sighed.

“Look, I’m sorry. Let’s postpone killing each other to a little later. For now, let’s just sit down and explore the very few options we have left.”

Elizabeth’s glare softened a little. She tucked her loose hair behind her ear, and then looked at Tyson.

“All right. Right now, we have three options, one of which is completely out of question.”

“And they are?”

“The first,” She said, “Is running away, which, as I said, is out of question.”

“Right,” Tyson muttered.

“The second is that we try and contact Zade, Sven and Amanda, so that they can come and help.”

“No!” Tyson immediately replied.

“Look,” Elizabeth began, “I don’t know what vendetta you have against Zade, but he’s our best bet, now that he’s got his abilities and all.”

“Which are what, exactly?” Tyson grumbled.

“I can’t tell you, but they are exceptional. But if you’re not interested in taking Zade’s help, the only thing remaining to do is to storm the Valdorian HQ, and force that weasel Ray to hand over Cameron and Gia. Just the two of us.”

“I’m willing to take the risk. For one thing, the people here will soon realize that we have escaped, and will order Gia and Cameron to be killed. Second, we don’t have the time to wait for them. And third, I’m not wasting time in finding ways to communicate.”

Elizabeth stared hard at Tyson, but he returned the glare. After a brief standoff, Elizabeth caved in.

“Fine,” She spat, “But if we’re killed, I’m blaming you.”

Elizabeth got her hand off of Tyson’s shoulder, and took a few steps on her own. After some time, she started walking properly.

Then, slowly, the two of them made their way across the camp, sneaking from building to building, trying not to get spotted at any cost.

At one point, they did get seen, but Tyson quickly subdued the person, and shoved his body under some crates next to a tent.

At long last, the pair reached the HQ, which was merely three stories. Compared to the Valhallan HQ, which was a humongous skyscraper, the Valdorian HQ was unimpressive to say the least.

It was crudely built, with several architectural flaws that Tyson spotted.

“Ready?” He asked.

“You want to bet?” She replied smugly.

The two of them drew their weapons, and entered the building.


As soon as they entered the doors, four of the Valdorian soldiers pounced on them, but Tyson simply halted them midair, and blasted them away, as most of them landed on the ground or slammed onto the walls with a sickening snap sound.

“Not fair,” Elizabeth muttered, “You’re having all the fun.”

Tyson just smiled, as he and Elizabeth dashed forward, and climbed the stair speedily and steadily.

On their way up, they encountered yet another group of soldiers, but this time, it was Elizabeth who was faster than the rest. She thrust out her hand, and blasted the group away.

The two kept running, kept climbing, and kept fighting, until they were on the top floor, with only one room left unexplored.

“Will you do the honors?” Tyson said.

“Gladly,” Came the reply.

Elizabeth kicked the door open, and found Ray sitting inside in a huge room, with several screens, similar to the one in the Valhalla HQ.

On either side of him, a Siauhu sat, and behind him, the larger, black one licked its lips, gazing at the pair.

“Welcome, Elizabeth. Welcome, Tyson.”

Elizabeth halted. So did Tyson.

There was a slim chance that the two of them could defeat three Siauhus and a Valdorian Leader on their own.

“Are you ready?” Ray spoke, his silver hair glistening in the light of the room.

“Born that way!” And so, the both of them charged ahead.


While Tyson took on the pack of Siauhus, Elizabeth engaged Ray in combat.

Tyson swung his newly acquired scythe around, cutting everything in sight. The Siauhus were not in a mood to give up either. The two of them executed perfectly synchronized attacks. As soon as the first pounced and jumped back, the second one would come in. As for the black one, it lazily sat, waiting for its minions to kill the Valdorian warrior in front of it.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Ray were trading blows. Ray, having geokinetic powers, simply raised massive fist and hurled them at Elizabeth, who cut through them with her sword, and then sent a white-hot blast of flames, which Ray would deflect by raising walls made of metal from underneath him.

Tyson, deciding that he had enough, dropped his weapon, much to the surprise of the Siauhus. Even the bigger was surprised, as it did not understand what happened.

Tyson used the confusion to his advantage, as he quickly ducked, scooped up his weapon and decapitated the first one. The second Siauhu, angry at the death of its companion, charged towards Tyson, but he simply ducked, and stabbed the scythe into the Siauhu’s heart.

The greater beast finally stood up, and quick as lightning, slammed Tyson with its tail. Tyson went flying into a wall, as the bigger Siauhu slowly walked towards its prey.

Elizabeth, who noticed this, instantly increased the speed of her hits, soon overpowering Ray, and with one final strike, she blasted him back with a pillar of flame, as he was sent crashing into the screens, startling the workers who were so engrossed in their work that they somehow managed to overlook the great battle taking place behind them.

Elizabeth let loose a bold cry and slammed into the greater Siauhu, who was about to pounce on the downed Tyson.

Before it could get up, Elizabeth stabbed it violently, and blasted it right in the face with an exceptionally large ball of fire.

It died in mere seconds.

Elizabeth helped Tyson up, who was still dazed, but as she grabbed him and walked towards Ray, he regained his senses, and beat her to grabbing his collar, as he shoved him against the screen, banging his head hard on the adjacent screen.

“Where’s my sister? Where’s Cameron? And how did you find us?”

“You’re messing with the wrong person, kiddo.” He simply said.

“Wrong person? WRONG PERSON?” Tyson continuously slammed him, till he could feel blood on his hands, which was trickling down the back of Ray’s head.

“Sixty miles west,” Ray croaked, “A single tent, both of them are locked up there.”

“Thank you very much,” Tyson spat, and slammed Ray’s head one last time, before putting him down.

Tyson turned to glance at the workers, staring wide-eyed their boss’ unconscious body.

“I dare you to raise the alarm. I freaking dare you.”

One by one, all of them got up and ran out of the room.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to say something to Tyson, but before that, Tyson simply reached to the only undamaged screen in the room. He typed in a couple of commands, and grabbed the microphone.

“Zade? Tyson here. What’s your current position? Over!”

A few seconds and bunch of static later, “Zade here…shshshshshs……..Destroyed several ice layers…..swswswlost contact there. Are youfeegeggeggerveve……..Position unknown, but I think we’re approaching the…W……feefef……See you there…BUZZZ!!!”

“Zade, if you can here this, Elizabeth and I are at the Valdorian Underground Headquarters, and we’re going to a camp sixty miles of here to rescue Cameron and Elizabeth. See you at the core.”

Tyson waited for a reply, but after a minute or so, he seemed to have lost contact with him.

“I think he’s closer to the core than we are,” Elizabeth muttered.

“Doesn’t matter, because I’m the only one with the qualifications and knowledge to access the core supercomputer.”

“Oh,” Elizabeth said, “Yeah. So what now?”

“Now,” Tyson said, as he grabbed one of the glasses of water that some worker had left, and drank it completely, “We’ve got some friends to rescue.”


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