Best friends


3. We´re here.

I was woken up by someone lightly shaking me and saying my name "em em we are here wake up" ash said i was to tired to even care so I just kept laying in his lap trying to sleep it worked perfectly fine until that idiot to michael came and screamed my name "EMILY WAKE THE FUCK UP! Lazy ass" "fuck off mikey" I said while flipping him of. he just walked away laughing. "Okay Seriously though Emily you need to get the fuck up, so we can get out of this plane" Calum said "uuuuuugh" I said. ashton was just sat there laughing. when we finally got out of the plane and Got to the place where were going to get our luggage i could barely hold my excitement in as it was my first time in la "what, what's wrong why are you so excited all of a sudden" luke laughed "we're in la guys FRICKING LA" I said almost jumping up and down of pure excitement. they all just started laughing especially Mikey so I just playfully slapped his arm. "okay Emily i dont want you to get lost again and stuff so please just keep holding my hand and stay with me no matter what" ashton said i just nodded "and if you get lost don't try to fine me just try to find one of the other guys, just find one of us" ashton said again I just nodded and took his hand as we started to walk out to all the flashing lights and screaming fans and I grabbed ashton hand a little tighter, he just looked at me and smiled. I held Ashton's hand all the time or at least just stayed close to him, and when we finally got in the car I just sighed and put my head on michaels should and slowly drifted of to sleep again.

(A/N) sorry this chapter is so so short and awfully bad but any ways pls vote if you like it and tell me what you think in the comment love you guys

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