Best friends


1. Here we go.

"EM" ashton shouted "we have to go now are you ready?" "Two seconds and I'll be there" I shouted back. I quickly grabbed my little jewelry box (my blades were in it) I've been clean for over a year now but I just felt safe when I had them so I just brought them along. I put it in my bag and then grabbed my suitcase and the other bag/bags I had and ran downstairs. "Oh look the princesses finally decided to show up" Michael laughed "shut up you idiot" I said while I slapped his arm. We all got in the car and headed to the airport, I didn't say much during the car ride cause I was really nervous about what the fans were going to think and stuff like that. I didn't think that they'd notice but they did... "Are you okay" calum said while trying to make eye contact with me. i just nodded. ''come on Emily we know you to well for that bullshit now tell us what's wrong'' Michael said, 'I just took a deep breath and said ''okay I'm REALLY nervous about what the fans will think about me and stuff like that'' ''aweeeeh'' they all said in unison ''you're so cute you care more about what other think than just having fun and not giving a shit'' ash said ''but it'll be okay Emily I'm sure they'll like you'' calum said I actually smiled now wow they're so sweet to me and I love them so much. When we arrived at the airport and we got out of the car all the boys gave me a big warm group hug and told me that they loved me. ''you ready'' luke said ''just hold my arm if you get nervous or anything is rather you do that than get lost'' ashton smiled and the other nodded to say that you could just hold their arms too '' thank you guys so much you have no idea how much this mean I love you guys so much'' I said and we walked through the doors and entered the airport...


(A/N) hey hope you guys like this I'll look forward to writing more I mean only if you guys want more hahah do you guys even want more?

-Emilia <3

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