Best friends


2. A true nightmare.

WARNING: this chapter may be triggering

we entered to airport to a sea of scream girls, at first I got really scared cause you know it's not everyday you see that. The first thing I did was cling onto Lukes arm cause he was the one walking beside me. He just looked at me and smiled and I gave him a small smile back. when we got to where all the girls was standing I had to let go of Lukes arm cause he had to take pictures with them, I really admired the love they gave to their fans I mean they'd do almost anything for them. when I walked past where all the girls stood I got some really nasty comments and someone even spit on me, I tried to play it cool but as I walked past more girls I got more and more comments like ''stay away from him he's mine'' and ''if you ever go near him or them again I'll kill you, you ugly slut'' and the worst one '' I hope you fucking go kill your self fat cow''. that was it could couldn't take it. I just started to cry and all the girls just looked at me and laughed god I hated this. ''EMILY'' mikey yelled as he ran over to me ''whats wrong?'' ''well you could ask your fans about that'' I said as clear as possible ''what? what do you mean by that em?'' ''well I mean that all your fans hate me and are telling me to go kill myself'' I managed to chock out ''WHAT'' Michael practicely scream the other boys immediately came over when they heard mikey screaming and asked what was up he explained to them, you could just hear in his voice that he was mad I mean like really mad ''WHAT THE FUCK'' Calum screamed the fans all became quite ''HOW DARE YOY GUYS TELL HER STUFF LIKE THAT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER AND TO TELL SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW SUCH HORRIBLE STUFF IS REALLY TERRIBLE AND YOU GUYS SHOULD FEEL BAD LOOK AT HER SHES DONE NOTHING SHE IS OUR BEST FRIEND CANT YOU JUST BE HAPPY?!'' Calum screamed I couldn't help to crack a little smile in between my sobs in michaels shoulder, they really did care about me and didn't want me to be sad, but still the words they've said just couldn't escape my mind... the boys were done meeting fans for today after what happened they almost seemed to be in chock of what happened. When they finally closed the plane door I could barely hold it all inside (A/N see what I did there) and I started to cry, I was sat next to ashton. he didn't really comment on it he just hugged me really tight and told me that it was all going to be ok. I just continued to sob into his shirt. when we were in the air the other boys came closer to us sat down in front of me and beside me, just close to me. Luke looked me in the eyes and said "we'll make sure this will NEVER happen again okay?" ''Yeah we'll talk to the fans we don't want you to be sad you mean the world to us'' cal joined in and the all hugged me ''I love you'' they all whisper to me '' I love you guys too I don't know if I even would have been here if it wasn't for you guys, but if you don't mind I'll try and get some sleep I'm really exhausted '' they all nodded and went back to their seats.


I can't do this anymore I need to end it everyone hates me I Kept thinking to myself I took all the sleeping pills from the cabinet and wrote down a note

''I'm so sorry guys I just can't do this anymore, everyone hates me. I know I have no reason let to be here and I know you guys will make it. I'll always love you guys

Emily x"

I know they'll

Find the note cause we were suppose to hang out today. I took the shinning pice out metal and pressed it against my skin a couple of times swallowed all the pills and closed me eyes hoping I'd never have to open them again, but just as I closed them mikey came in and theast thing I remember was him screaming my name while crying and the other coming in and crying as well and the next thing I know I'm in the hospital... they saved me''

*end of flashback*

I woke up to ash saying my name sounding really scared ''em are you okay? You very crying in your sleep I was really scared" "to be honest no but it was just a umh dream" "what was it about?" I took a deep breath "the time you guys saved me from killing myself" I managed to chocked out, tears was slowly beginning to appear in my eyes "oh no again? But you know what the most important thing is that we saved you and that you are here now" ash said while hugging me ''now go back to sleep I'll wake you up when we are in la" ash said. I put my head in his lap and went back to sleep.

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