He Actually Loves me

I went into England to actually find some work, but Instead I find a friend, a best friend forever, but is he just a friend or is he more?


7. Trying Hard to Remember

Nialls P.O.V

Christa, thats all I can think about right now.She lost her memory and it may not even come back.What if it doesn't what if she takes off the ring and says "I dont even know you, how can I marry you!!!" I would cry and I would want to kill myself. Because she is my soulmate, and she would be the only one I love ever.

*Time skip to 2 days later*

She doesn't remember anything.

*Two more days later*

Still doesn't remember

*Two days later*

Still doesn't remember.

*The next day*

Its the final day, she gets nervous and she thinks hard then bam.She remembers! I was crying hard I love her so much and I didn't want her to be lonely for the rest of her life. I know she thinks that, I will leave her.

"I love you Niall, and you sound sweet.But I don't remember anything about you I am really sorry" She says and my heart drops.

As she walks out of the room I cry and cry and cry.I don't what to say.She is my soulmate, I love her.What am I suppose to do now.

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