He Actually Loves me

I went into England to actually find some work, but Instead I find a friend, a best friend forever, but is he just a friend or is he more?


3. The Interview by Hollywire/Is Niall gonna propose already?

Nialls P.O.V

I love Christa, but I dont want the paparazzi to faze her. Their will be to much gossip going around about her and I wont take that.But she has to get a interview since she is my new Gf. I told her to wear something beautiful, even though she always looks beautiful. All the boys and I and Christa got in the Limo and headed to the radio station and we did an Live radio interview, they made Christa go first I was so nervous for her.

Christas P.O.V

They started to ask me a ton of questions and I told them to slow down and I answered my first question.

Rebecca: The world wants to know Christa, Where did you guys meet?

Christa: Um, well I basically just moved here and I went to go get something to eat. Basically we met at Nandos and I gave him my number since he is my first friend I made while here.

Rebecca: Awe how sweet, anyways did you know he was in such an awesome band?

Christa: No, I didn't figure it out until yesterday. And well I wouldn't really care if he is in a band, I love him for who he is.

Rebecca: Well your really sweet Christa, it was a pleasure meeting you thanks for coming in.

I left the room and It was Nialls Turn he was so nervous. I kissed him on the lips and told him good luck.

Nialls P.O.V

I was so nervous what were they going to ask me??? Stop it Niall calm down.

R: So Niall, when are you going to propose? Dont worry Christa cant here this

N: I think in about a week or so, I am really excited for it! I already have the ring

R: Oh sweet, I have a feeling you will be a great husband Niall! Good luck


I walked out proud, I know Christa is my soulmate. She is perfect, her look, her smarts, and her voice. I want to get her to sing in front of millions of people but she wont let me. Anyway tomorrow she is selling her house and she is moving in with me and the boys! I cant wait, maybe thats when I will propose will see.... 

*Time Skip to Tomorrow*

"Well boys Christas moving i with us, she will be staying with me because Im proposing to her tonight at the party" I said

"Mate good luck" Louis said

"Thanks mate"

She sold the house and the Limo had dropped her off here. She loved the house, Our music blasts 24 hrs a day this time it was "More than This" which I learned was one of her fav songs. She went upstairs to get changed for the party, she came down in a pink mini skirt and a black halftop, she looked amazing.

*Time Skip to the Party*

Almost everyone of my celebrity friends were here, I saw 5SOS, I high fived them all. I saw the vamps, selena and alot of others. The DJ winked at me it was time for the proposal, I can't believe i am doing this.

The DJ started play "Its gotta be you"

"Christa Marie Robinson," I said getting down on one Knee"Will you Marry Me"

"Yes!!!!! A million times yes" She said, and I slid the ring on her finger.

We kissed for about 2 minutes then we enjoyed the rest of the party. I can't believe I was engaged. 


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