He Actually Loves me

I went into England to actually find some work, but Instead I find a friend, a best friend forever, but is he just a friend or is he more?


6. Not Waking Up

Christas P.O.V

It was a day after Ryan found me, and when I got home from the hospital I fell asleep. Now I can't wake up. I am crying I need to wake up! I need to live my life, I don't want to lose my life now. I need my life.

All I can see is my life, how I had a abusive brother come into my room at night and smack me for nothing. I would wake up next to him in my bed. And me waking up in a certain way. I just don't even want to think about it! Thats all I can see happening IDK why, but thats all. I just want to wake up, but not at this moment when I see whats happening now.

I see me and Niall getting married. I see my abusive brother ruining my wedding and me waking up hopefully soon.

*5 months past*

I wake up, I don't remember who I am, I walk outside. It is so beautiful out here, I remebered something that I am in England. I look around and see girls screaming by this talk show hosts place. I ask if I can walk in they say yes. I walked in, I asked where the guy was meeting they walked me there. I was wondering why they were calling me Ms.Robinson. Was that my name, I had no clue. So they brought me to the front row, where I saw  these 5 boys who were getting interviewed.

"So Nialler, wheres your girl at? The whole world wants to know!!!" He asked.

"I am hoping she is safe at the hospital,she is well the doctor said she may be waking up soon, as soon as today" He said

Right then and there he got a call from someone. It was the hospital saying "She is gone, she isn't here anymore we dont know where she went" 

Niall cried, "She is somewhere in England, roaming the streets and possibly doesn't know who she is" he said

"Well folks thats all we have time for today, would anyone like to say something to the boys?" he asked

I raised my hand."Yes you in the light pink dress, whats your name?"

"My name is apparently Ms.Robinson, Um I would like to say I am sorry Niall that your girlfriend is in the Hospital and um I hope she gets better." I said

"Thank you, but you sound familiar" he said then turned to look at me

"Its you, your out!! How are you, how is your head!! Do you remember me?" He asked

"Turn the cameras back on this is a beautiful moment!!!" The host said.

I walk up the stage, "Your face looks familiar, thats all I can say"

"Your Christa Robinson, The most beautiful girl I ever met in my life. And I love you" He said giving me a peck on the lips

"I still don't remember, but it sounds like I love you" I said returning the kiss.

After that he fell on his knees crying. He picked me up bridal and brought me back to the hospital, the doctor came in and said "Give her some time, if she doesn't remember I am sorry their will be nothing I can do about that" Niall cried and I felt bad. So we just sat there for the rest of the day and I cried and cried cuz I wanted to know who I was.



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