He Actually Loves me

I went into England to actually find some work, but Instead I find a friend, a best friend forever, but is he just a friend or is he more?


2. My date????

Christas P.O.V 

There was hurt in Nialls eyes, from what I don't know but he was hurt.

"I think we should get going Christa, I mean you have a date in like 30 mins anyway" Niall said"See ya tomorrow I guess?"

They left and I ran upstairs and well, I had to get dress really quick so I can do my hair and make up. It was almost time so I drove down there, It was 8 but he wasnt there. I waited for 2 hours, and he still hadn't shown up. I drove home, and cried all night in bed. It was about 10:30 and my phone went off, i got a text from Niall. 

N: How did your date go?

M: I didn't have one, he stood me up.

N:I am so sorry christa!!:( Here I will drive over and cheer you up be there in about 5 mins.

He got in here in 5 minutes, he brought cookie dough, nandos and some roses. I laughed at him,"Niall you didn't have to get me all of this stuff!!!" I said

"Oh but I did" He said and stuck his tounge out at me, I grabbed it and said "Now Mister, That isn't very polite" I said in my old lady voice.

"Sorry Granny" he said in a babyish voice. We both laughed.

"And if you don't mind I brought the boys!!!Come on in boys" He said

The boys came in and lifted me up in the air. I said "Dont you dare!!!" They all walked outside and threw me in the pool. "Damn it I hate you guys" I teased.After that they threw Niall in. "Son of a b***"Niall said to Zayn. "For that Ima mess up your hair!" he said as he helped me out of the pool. We chased Zayn around the house, and when we caught up to him we grabbed him he said "Damn, I got to work out more" and we threw him in the pool and we pushed the rest of the boys in and ran inside. We both laughed then, they got in and threw us in the closet."7 mins you 2" they said and walked away.

I laughed, "They actually think were going to pl-" i said then immediately got cut off. Niall kissed me, on the lips!!!!!!!!! Omg, I was feeling so mixed. I just dont know what to do, I really dont! I love him, but is he just doing this to get street cred. IDK and Idc anymore I loved the kiss it got intense. Before I knew it I was below him and he was on top of me. I started undoing his shirt and he just took of my dress. I was embarrassed, he said that he would never have sex before marriage and I agreed with him,*Guys actually I really do agree with him dont do that crazy shit and if u do I will find u JkJK*So basically we just made out, then I heard footsteps and well we just kissed and they took a picture. They said "This ones a keeper" and laughed. They closed the door so we can put our clothes back on, I was embarrassed because he was me naked, the only one who ever saw me naked was my Abusive brother but he is in Jail thank god! I love being 18 because he cant find me he is all the way in New Jersey. He won't be out for awhile, anyway.

Me and Nialls fingers intertwined, I asked him "Does this mean I am your GF?"

"Yep" He said and gave me a peck on the lips,"Just wait till the Paparazzi find out about you love, but don't worry I will never leave your side"

Then we ran upstairs and we had a sleepover, he slept next to me and the rest of the boys slept in the guest room. Today was Magical.

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