He Actually Loves me

I went into England to actually find some work, but Instead I find a friend, a best friend forever, but is he just a friend or is he more?


5. He Found me

Nialls P.O.V

I sat by her, I knew she looked upset. I knew she had a bad feeling about something. Ryan is back and had found her, but we didn't know that for sure. I called the police and told them, they're going to surround the building so if he does get in he won't make it in. And plus there is a security camera in the living room. So if he gets in the cops will be alerted.

It was time to leave for the concert so I said I loved her and good luck. I locked every door. She hid in our room under a box, she can hide in them since she is so tiny, but thank god. I love her and I dont want to her to get her at all.

Christas P.O.V

I was so scared, I know he is going to find a way in here. Also, secretly, there is a cop in each room that protects me, hopefully. I want to live, I want to have children, I want to marry Niall, and if my brother takes me away to a place where I will never be seen again I will cry, but I know Niall will love again.I hear the door get kicked open, I wanted to scream, so I screamed mentally, I want to cry to. I hear him at zayns door, hopefully the shot that I also heard was the cop shooting at Ryan, but the cop had died. Then he banged on my door and kicked it open, I wanted to mentally scream so I did, then the cop popped out and tried to shoot Ryan, but Ryan killed the cop and well he placed a bomb in the hotel room and I didn't hear it until it went off and I went unconscious and woke up in a hospital.

Nialls P.O.V

Ryan got to her, he put a bomb in and well made her knock out. The doctor said she is in a critical condition and may not make it. I was crying because I love her, and if I lose her I will never love again, ever.The nurse came in and said im sorry Mr.Rodrigues but she didn't make it. I cried then realised that wasnt my last name, "Thats not my last name!!!" and she said "I am so sorry for scaring you like that." she said. 

Then the doctor came in and said "Mr.Horan, you may come in and see her now"

I walked in and saw that she was peacefully sleeping, I hugged her, then she woke up.

"Christa!!! I am so glad your okay!!!" He said.

"Uh, Dia duit. Cé go bhfuil tú? Agus is é Christa?" She said meaning *Uh, Hi. Who are you? And who is Christa?*

".Do Christa, tá mé Niall do fiance.You mbun." I said meaning *Your Christa, I am Niall your fiance.You are engaged.*

She didn't know what the heck I was talking about, I guess I have to take her back and maybe do something to jump start her memory. I told the doctor and he said that was a good idea. I kissed her and she remembered a little bit.

"Bhog mé go Sasana an mhí seo, agus bhuail muid ag Nandos" Christa said meaning *I moved to England this month, and we met at Nandos*

I kissed her one more time and she remembered everything . "OMG now I remember who I am!! Your 1 direction I am Christa and I am engaged!!" She said

"Is breá liom tú Niall!!!!!!!!!!" She said *I love you Niall!!!*

"Is breá liom tú ró Christa!!!!!!!!!!!" I said *I love you too Christa!!!*

I couldn't believe her native language was Irish, her Accent sounded beautiful.

"I cant believe you spoke fluent Irish!!!" I said.

"Yeah I guess I kinda forgot about that" She said.

"How was the concert?" She asked

"We didn't have it because of what happened" I said

She started crying but she was happy because Ryan didnt find her but, she saw many people die in front of her of course she was upset. So we just cuddled for the rest of the day, while she cried on my shoulder. I love her so much. :) <3



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