He Actually Loves me

I went into England to actually find some work, but Instead I find a friend, a best friend forever, but is he just a friend or is he more?


1. Going to England

My P.O.V

When I land in England, I go to my brand new house. It was beautiful I just couldn't believe this was it. It was beautiful. I settled in and my furniture was already in the house so I didn't have to arrange anything.That's great!!!

I started to get hungry so I went down to Nandos! It looked like a nice place to eat. So I ordered some food, and it was delicious. I saw this familiar looking boy so I went up and introduced myself.

"Hello Im Christa!!! And who are you?" I asked politely

"Oh Hey!!! Im Niall!! Nice to meet you Christa" He replied

"So do you love nandos?" He asked me 

"Yeah, I just moved here but the foods great!!!" I said

"Where did you move from? If you dont mind me asking?" He asked

"I moved from New Jersey, and thank you for asking" I said

I handed him my phone number and said "Well your my friend now, so lets keep in touch here is my number"

I walked back to my house I am so happy I made a friend, when I got home he texted me and asked "Do you mind me bringing a couple of friend to hang with you at your place so you can make more mates when your here" 

M:No I dont mind go right ahead :)


M:BTW If you dont mind me asking what are their names?

N: Liam,Louis,Harry,and Zayn

M: Oh cool!! I look forward to meeting them.

In like 5 mins or so they were here. I gave em all a hug and said "Its nice to meet you all!"

"Its nice to meet you to!" They said.

They looked so familiar, I think I heard some fangirls or girls talk about a band named 1 direction and they showed me a picture of them. Now I know who they are, their One Direction oh great.

"Now I know where I know you guys from, you guys are One Direction! I like your music it's really cool" I said hoping they wouldn't freak out.

I saw Harry whisper something to Niall, and they all walked out of the room to talk.

Nialls P.O.V

"Can you excuse us just for a couple of minutes Christa" I asked

"Sure, no prob" She said in her beautiful American Accent.

We walked out, and they started saying "Niall where did you meet her, she is beautiful!!!"

"Niall, she is a keeper, dont let her leave your grip. Okay, listen to us!!!" They all said

"Okay Okay!!"

We walked in and I saw her new neighbor, he was making some moves on her. He kissed her on the cheek and said "I will see you tonight at 8 then, Love"

Damn it, The boys were right. I admit I was falling for her, she was beuatiful. Her dark brown curly hair, her skin was tan. I also heard some Irish in her voice. Then I remembered she told me she was Irish!!! She was the most beautiful creature, I mean girl I saw ever in my lifetime. But as the guy walked outside, he bumped me and I realized this guy wasnt meant for Christa, I knew I was. Right then and there, but I am to much of a Schnitzel to tell her I love her. I just wish I could wake up and see that, the guy was gone and I could sweep her off. I am way to shy to tell her how much I love her. I wish it was easy to. 


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