A Walk on the Beach..

You know how people say, (quote) "Life isn't a walk in the park", well, my life isn't exactly a walk on the beach.


4. There you are..


I turned around and he was there. In full body shape and form it was CHAD!!! I was dying in the inside wanting to say i missed him so so so much, and secretly hoping that he did too. I tried to give him his sweater back but he told me to keep it. Something to me seemed like we had a connection before, like we've known each other in another life, but i knew that wasn't possible. Or could it be? So again, me and chad talked the whole night away and while walking down the beach, some of his i guess you could sayyy, friends, saw him and called him over. Chad dragged me over there and we talked to them by the fire that they had made. I ended up falling asleep in chad's arms while snuggling up next to the fire. When i awoke they were all laughing for some reason. "I couldn't figure that reason out but i was determined to, because anything that needed finding out i could find out, i guarantee you that one" I said to myself.

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