A Walk on the Beach..

You know how people say, (quote) "Life isn't a walk in the park", well, my life isn't exactly a walk on the beach.


3. Lies, Lies, All Lies--*


"Oh GOSH" I scream by the ocean waves. I wish i could just be sucked into the ocean never to return. Today was really hard for me, nothing has gone right ALL DAY. As I'm walking on the beach,my toes in the sand, i hear some voices. Unfamiliar voices. I run to hide behind an over grown tall beach bush of some kind. Then a look up and almost pee my swim shorts, a boy is staring back at me, a very handsome boy. So, he tells me he's lost and doesn't know where to go, he introduces himself as Chad. I say "Hi, my name is Ashlynn". He nods and says thats cute, i giggle. We walked and talked up and down the beach shore for hours and hours on end, but finally it was time to say goodbye. I shivered so chad put his maroon-burgundy sweater over my shoulders. As i walked away i could see in the corner of my eye, him slip a little piece of folded up paper into the pocket of his sweater. I went back to the beach the next day with his sweater, but i didn't see him at all. I went to walk back to my apartment but i dropped his sweater in the sand and something fell out of his pocket. I looked and it was the folded up piece of paper, i forgot all about it!!. So, i decided to get my phone out and try and call the number. It rang several times, then i felt a tap on my shoulder.

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