Wrong ?

Brielle and Cody want to be together but it isn't really a right relationship in the eye of the law. But if you look at it from the eye of love and romance it is right in all the wrong ways. Stay tuned into the story to find out what happens with Brielle and Cody while someone is trying to destroy their lives (maybe).(or so she thought) Give me your thoughts about being in a relationship with an older person? Any thoughts or ideas you might have, you can contact me in many ways either on here or on a social media site. Tata for now love you all!!!:):):P:P):):)


1. Is it wrong?

Many people may say it's wrong, but in my perspective i don't think it is. If two people love each other dearly they are going to find a way to be together eventually. So, why not let them? This book tells the story of two people different in age but same in love. Hope you enjoy thanks! Feel free to leave a comment or contact me of any pointers you may have,questions, or comments.

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