Wrong ?

Brielle and Cody want to be together but it isn't really a right relationship in the eye of the law. But if you look at it from the eye of love and romance it is right in all the wrong ways. Stay tuned into the story to find out what happens with Brielle and Cody while someone is trying to destroy their lives (maybe).(or so she thought) Give me your thoughts about being in a relationship with an older person? Any thoughts or ideas you might have, you can contact me in many ways either on here or on a social media site. Tata for now love you all!!!:):):P:P):):)


2. First Day

Its Brielle's freshman year-first year in High School. She walks up to the desk grabs her schedule and walks to the cafeteria to sit down. 1st Period-English/ 2nd Period-Dance Class/ 3rd Period-Spanish/ 4th Period-World Geography LUNCH 5th Period-Art 1 /6th Period-Algebra1/ 7th Period-Home Ec/ 8th Period-Biology-- She scans over the names of her teachers, she doesn't notice any familiar names. She sees her friends, runs up to them and compares their schedules to see if they have any mutual classes. They only have some. Later on the bell rings, Freshman year has officially begun for these girls. Later you will find out the other girls names but thats not important right now, Brielle is the focus. She goes to her first 3 classes then off to 4th she goes. She walks in, scans the room then hannah, a friend of Brielle's points to 2 desk in the very center in the center of the room. They sit down and hannah pushes bridle to be in the front desk in the middle of the room, about 2 feet away from a chair the teacher sits in. Brielle groans annoyed at hannah but sits anyways. The bell rings and in comes the teacher. WOW!! "That isn't just any teacher" says Hannah, but Brielle is just sitting there clinging to her desk for dear life, hiding a secret deep within.

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