||Amnesia|| c.h.

Kat and Calum were best friends. Until a big fight ends their friendship for awhile. One summer day Kat is bored. She made a YouTube account and after one simple cover of a song made her name known worldwide. Little did she know that her ex best friend forgot about her. (hints the title amnesia) Even though she thought of him everyday he forgot about her. Will their past come back to haunt them?


3. twitter freak out -chapter 2

-Kat's POV-

Calum is famous now...

It's so boring without him...

And it's all his fault!!!

He didn't have to be that way...

I've been doing YouTube since he left.

He left a year ago.

But I need to get over him.

Talking about it isn't going to help either...

Now that I'm thinking about YouTube I need to upload a new video!!

I grab my camera and I sit in my chair with my guitar.

"Hey guys it's Kat!!! Happy November 11th 2013!! Yeah I'm weird... Anyways, I'm going to do a cover of Ariana Grande's song The Way."

I start strumming and I look up at the camera.

"I love the way you make feel. I love it, I love it."


"Thank you guys for getting me to 1,000 subscribers it means a lot to me. I didn't think I would get any views or any subscribers. Well I'll see you next week on Wednesday!!" I say then blow a kiss to the camera and end the video.

I sigh then grab my laptop to start uploading the video.

When it's finished I close my laptop and go downstairs.

"KAT!!!!!!" my mom yells.

"WHAT?!?!?" I yell back.

"GET YOUR PHONE OF THE COUNTER AND TAKE UPSTAIRS!!!!" She says still in the kitchen.

I get up from the couch. "What's wrong with my phone?" I ask when I walk in the kitchen.

"It keeps dinging and it's giving me a headache." she said while stirring the mac and cheese.

"Okay?" I say with my eyebrow raised. I pick up my phone and see that Twitter has blown up my phone.

"@ArianaGrande: Loved her cover of You Belong With Me and now I love her cover of The Way @KattyKit"

"Oh. My. Gosh." I said looking at my phone. "What is it sweetie." My mom asks looking at me.

"A- Ariana Grande." I say dumbfounded. "What about her." my mom asks again.

I showed her my phone. "Looks like you're gonna be famous!!" My mom says smiling. "Oh my gosh!!! I have to tell Calum!!" I said then realized I said his name...

I felt the tears coming. A couple start to roll down my cheeks.

"Awww sweetheart come here." My mom says arms wide open. I shake my head no and run upstairs.

That's when my phone when nuts.

Twitter- @ArianaGrande now follows you!

Twitter- @taylorswift13 now follows you!

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