||Amnesia|| c.h.

Kat and Calum were best friends. Until a big fight ends their friendship for awhile. One summer day Kat is bored. She made a YouTube account and after one simple cover of a song made her name known worldwide. Little did she know that her ex best friend forgot about her. (hints the title amnesia) Even though she thought of him everyday he forgot about her. Will their past come back to haunt them?


4. questions and answers -chapter 3

-Kat's POV-

It's December 25th. Christmas day.

I'm spending my Christmas with special people!

No. Not family.

Special people like:


I'm freaking out!!!

Turns out Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift have been watching my videos for awhile now and Taylor called me asking if I wanted a record deal and if I wanted to go on her RED tour with her.

Of course I said yes!!

So I'm in New York in a recording studio.

With.......... TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

She is making some new music and she is prerecording some of it.

I'm just sitting like a good girl and watching.

Taylor walks out 30 minutes later.

"Hey I'm done recording for the day and I was wondering if you wanted to go get some McDonald's with me." she said smiling. "Sure!!" I said grabbing my purse and standing up.

"Oh darn!!" Taylor says as we get to the entrance of the building.

"The paps found us." she mutters under her breath. "What do we do?" I ask her.

"Okay this your first time dealing with paps. Grab my hand and follow me. Don't answer any questions and don't look at the cameras." she said walking towards the door. I nod in response.

We walk out holding hands.

"Taylor! Taylor! Taylor!"

"Over here Taylor!"

"Who is this Taylor?!" "I'm Kat." I said back.

'How old are you?" "16!"

"Are you her friend?" "Yes Taylor is my bestie."

Suddenly I'm pulled into a car.

"I told you not to answer any questions!!" Taylor said will buckling up.

"Sorry... I can't help it..." I said looking down.

"It's ok but next time don't say anything."

I nod my head and sit back.

This is gonna be a long ride to McDonald's....

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