||Amnesia|| c.h.

Kat and Calum were best friends. Until a big fight ends their friendship for awhile. One summer day Kat is bored. She made a YouTube account and after one simple cover of a song made her name known worldwide. Little did she know that her ex best friend forgot about her. (hints the title amnesia) Even though she thought of him everyday he forgot about her. Will their past come back to haunt them?


1. Introduction

This is me.


This is the story of my life.


My name is Kat.


And this is how just one YouTube video changed my life.


= 2 years ago =

"Mom I'm bored can I make a YouTube account?" I asked while lying on the couch.

"Sure I don't care." She said not looking up from her laptop.

I ran upstairs grabbing my best friend's camera and started filming.

"Hi my name is Kat. Um. I'm going to do a cover of Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me."


= present =


"So Kat tell us how you became famous." Ellen asked.

"Well I was best friend's with a famous person and they had a camera. He left it at my house so I asked my mom "can I make a YouTube I'm bored" and she goes "I don't care" so I made a cover of Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me." I said truthfully.

"Hear that? She became famous through YouTube. So who was your famous best friend?" She asked.

"Well. He says I'm his celebrity crush and I guess he forgot all about me when he became famous but. Um. His name?" I asked.

"Yes sweetie his name."

"His name was..." I trailed off looking at the audience.

"Calum Hood."

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