||Amnesia|| c.h.

Kat and Calum were best friends. Until a big fight ends their friendship for awhile. One summer day Kat is bored. She made a YouTube account and after one simple cover of a song made her name known worldwide. Little did she know that her ex best friend forgot about her. (hints the title amnesia) Even though she thought of him everyday he forgot about her. Will their past come back to haunt them?


5. first album -chapter 4

Kat's POV


"So Calum Hood from Five Seconds Of Summer was your best friend?" Ellen asked.

"Yes. Keyword was." I said sadly.

"Well anyways I hear that your first album is coming out soon!" Ellen said trying to brighten the mood.

"Yes! I'm so excited! We are about to release another song off the album."

"Really? Do you mind telling us what it is?" She said with interest.

"No I don't! The song is called I Wish." I said smiling.

"Well that's great news!! We have some news for you too!" She said smiling widely.

"Oh God. Are you gonna scare me like you do with Taylor? She told me to be prepared when I came today." I said looking around.

"Oh she told you about that!" She said laughing.

I nodded in response.

"No we aren't going to scare you. But we have some good news!"

"And..." I said wanting her to continue.

"It just so happens that Five Seconds Of Summer is here." She said smiling.

"Are you serious?" I asked getting nervous.

"Yes! Come on out guys!" Ellen said waving her hand.

Then I saw him.

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