||Amnesia|| c.h.

Kat and Calum were best friends. Until a big fight ends their friendship for awhile. One summer day Kat is bored. She made a YouTube account and after one simple cover of a song made her name known worldwide. Little did she know that her ex best friend forgot about her. (hints the title amnesia) Even though she thought of him everyday he forgot about her. Will their past come back to haunt them?


6. "Do you remember?" -chapter 5

Kat's POV

I sat there dumbfounded.

He was right there in front of me.

"Um hi?" he said awkwardly waving his hand at me.

"We'll be right back to talk to Five Seconds Of Summer!" Ellen said.

Then we went off the air.

"Take 5 everyone!!" she yelled walking away.

We stood there for about a minute until Calum broke the silence.

"You say you know me?" he said eyeing me suspiciously.

"Uh y- yeah.." I said looking down suddenly becoming interested in my nude colored pumps.

Did I mention I like Ariana Grande's style? Well I do.

"Well I'm sorry but I don't know you." he said looking away.

My mouth dropped open.

'Are you sure? Do you remember?" I asked nervously.

He shook his head and shifted awkwardly.

I nodded as the tears started to form.

"Ex- excuse m- me." I said my voice cracking as I pushed through the boys.

As I ecscaped I heard the boys start to scold Calum.

"Good job stupid." I heard someone mumble.

"You made the pretty gal cry." I heard again.

I made it into the bathroom and I started to cry.

I ended up texting Taylor and Ariana for help.

They told me to ask them about being their opening act so I could promote my album and if they let me to bond with him. I eventually gave in and agreed.

"GOING LIVE IN 3, 2, 1!" I heard someone yell.

I walked out and watched the guys backstage.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~

The interview was over and the guys came back there.

"Hey!!" Calum said walking over to me.

"Hi.." I said shyly.

"Sorry about earlier... I was a real jerk and I'm sorry." he said taking a deep breathe.

'It's okay... But I was wondering if I could open for you guys to you know um promote my album and everything but y- you don't have to if you don't want to." I said while wringing my hands. I do that when I'm nervous. Calum knew that.

"I'm pretty sure you can! I'll go ask. I'll be right back." he said smiling and walking away.

I took a deep breathe and looked down.



If you guys make me embarrass myself I will so kill you.



She looks soooo familiar. Her name even rings a bell.

I walked over to the guys and asked them about her coming on tour with us.

They all agreed so I went back to tell her.

"Uh Kat?" I said walking back over to her. "Y- Yeah?" she said looking up and starting to wring her hands.

Gosh she is so beautiful.

"They guys said you could come." I said smiling a little. The thought of a pretty girl touring with us made me happy.

She smiled.

"Well when does the tour start?" she asked looking at her phone.

"Tomorrow." I said.

She dropped her phone and ran off.

"Kat!!" I yelled chasing after her.

I found her in the girls' bathroom crying in a corner.

I ran to her side. "Kat what's wrong?" I said becoming worried.

All she did was throw herself on me in a hug.

She pulled away a little and looked me in the eyes.

The make up she had on was all smudged and running down her face.

Why does this look familiar?

"Do you remember?" she whispered looking into my eyes.

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