Ghost Secrets

Elise Romane is lonely. She wanders the halls of the great Greek architecture, thinking over and over again about her old life, just hoping for some adventure. But when a young girl named Susanna Shakespeare gets transported to an ancient Greek building near the Parthenon, where Elise lives, she gets suspicious. No ghost is allowed to leave the place they died. Susanna begins to act strange, and Elise realizes that Susanna is hiding a huge secret, and Elise intends to find out what it is.


2. Chapter two

I lay in the bed, eyes open, and I wonder what will be discussed at my meeting with the Worthy Ones. They are our leaders, they have been ghosts for as long as anyone can remember. What will they think of me? How do I approach them? What will I say when I haven't seen them in a hundred years? Will they like me? Or will they hate me and banish me to Raven's Nest?

"Romane, supper! Diner! Now!" I hear from above. I roll my eyes. Simon has always been demanding.


There isn't a diner built into the ship, so Simon and his dad, Henry, added magical rooms on the ship, only accessible through the door handle hanging on the wall. It allows you to enter any room on the ship. I grab the handle and say, loud and clear, "Diner!" I'm in the diner almost instantly.

I walk along the table, when a chair near the end calls out, "Romane!" I smile, but it's fake. Even the chairs have to call us by our last names?!

"Greetings Claren- er... Williams."

"Nice save." he says and he smiles. I smile too. Clarence is my favorite furniture soul.

When somebody dies that has had a bad life, they are sometimes rewarded with a good afterlife. They live in the furniture, or I guess unlive, if that's even a thing. They take on the role of a furniture soul, help those who need them. At tables of people or in long hallways of doors, a chair or door to your room will call out your name and you know it's yours.

"How are you Williams?" I ask.

"Good. And I assume you are as well?"

"Yes, very much so." I reply.

"Great. Food will be here in a minute."

'Thank you Williams." I answer.

And so we wait...

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