Ghost Secrets

Elise Romane is lonely. She wanders the halls of the great Greek architecture, thinking over and over again about her old life, just hoping for some adventure. But when a young girl named Susanna Shakespeare gets transported to an ancient Greek building near the Parthenon, where Elise lives, she gets suspicious. No ghost is allowed to leave the place they died. Susanna begins to act strange, and Elise realizes that Susanna is hiding a huge secret, and Elise intends to find out what it is.


1. Chapter one

I wander the empty Parthenon, remembering my many dinners with Athena. I remember the one specific dinner when she just wasn't acting like herself. I died trying to figure out why. And I still don't know why on that one cold December night she was acting so strange. As I recall, she kept glancing all over the place, and she barely ate. And besides that, she still didn't seem like herself.

"Romane, please come aboard." 

I turn instantly to see the floating ship. I smile.

"Greetings Simon." I say pleasantly.

"Salazar." he says grimly.

"I will be right aboard. Let me just gather my belongings." I run through the Parthenon, gathering my things, things that stay hidden in the light of the day, but are clearly visible  and scattered about in the darkness of the night.

"Teenagers then are teenagers now." 

"I heard that Simon!" I shout and giggle.


I roll my eyes and run down my personal stairs to the basement. Me and Athena added the basement ourselves, as our own private area. When I died in the Parthenon, it became my home. Unfortunately, Athena died long after me, and in a distant place. We aren't allowed to interact anymore.

I grab my bag and my special medallion, made by Hephaestus and given to me by Athena. I run back up the stairs and gather my bags. I hop aboard the ship as Simon gets ready to go.

I take my bags down to the Captain's Quarters. Even though Simon is captain, he doesn't sleep much, and when he does, he likes to sleep in the Crew's Quarters. I don't complain. I don't mind the best sleeping area of the ship. We will be on the ship for two weeks. I like a good place to sleep.

I walk back up to the deck.

"Ready to go Romane?"

"It's Elise." I say irritated. I hate that we have to be called by last names.

"Not permitted. Ready?" He sounds impatient. 

"Ready" I say,and we take off, leaving the Parthenon I call home behind.

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