Caterina Laila Russo, or Cat, is just a normal high school senior right? Wrong. She's a mutant. Born of average parents, a mutant is formed while still in the womb, when the genes mutate and cause the child to have special abilities. With Cat, her abilities also come with a price. She's a ticking time bomb. The hulk, basically. She gets too angry, too upset, her powers take over. She's been careful for her whole life. But when she gets the chance of a lifetime, will she let slip? If she does, will the world be ready?


1. Chapter 1


I slammed my hand on the alarm clock, making it stop it incessant beeping. 6:00 A.M.. The start of my senior year. Yay. Ugh. I hate my school. Nothing interesting ever happens here.

I finally will myself to get out of bed, take a quick shower, then I dry and style my cherry red hair like I normally do: straight and nothing special. I grab my makeup bag and quickly do my makeup: foundation, winged eyeliner, and mascara. I put on my light turquoise tank top with the bow on the front, my white jeans, my brown sandals, and my pearl earrings. Great, now I look presentable. I go downstairs for breakfast. As soon as I walk through the kitchen door, I'm hit with a flying slur of Italian from my mom and My non- English speaking dad.

"Ti ho detto di preparare la colazione!(I told you to make your own breakfast!)" My mom yelled.

"Devo essere pronto a guidare i ragazzi in aeroporto per farli tornare a scuola! Penso che si possa sacrificare un po 'del vostro tempo per farmi una cialda, mentre io li alzo! (I have to get ready to drive the boys to the airport to get them back to school! I think you can sacrifice a little of your time to make me a waffle while I get them up!)" my dad yells back.

"Oh davvero ora? Devo preparare la colazione per tutti gli altri in questa casa, o stai dimenticando? Ho altri tre bocche da sfamare questa mattina! (Oh really now? I have to make breakfast for everyone else in this house, or are you forgetting? I have three other mouths to feed this morning!)" my mom replies.

The same argument. Again. My dad has to take my brothers Daniel and Gabriel to the airport so that they can catch a flight back to their college today. My mom has to have me, and my little sisters Nicki and Tatiana fed and ready to go to school before she leaves for her shift down at the police station. My dad doesn't speak English, but he's some kinda famous golfer or something, so we're pretty loaded, I guess. They finally notice me standing there.

"Oh, buongiorno Caterina, sei quasi pronto? (Oh, good morning Caterina, are you almost ready?)" my mom asks.

"Sì mamma. Lasciami mangiare un po '. Mattina papà. (Yes mom. Just let me eat a little. Morning Dad.)" I replied.

"Mattina tesoro. Dillo a Daniel e Gabriel che Vi aspetto per loro in macchina quando arrivano qui. Ti amo. (Morning sweetheart. Tell Daniel and Gabriel that I'll be waiting for them in the car when they get down here. Love you.)" my dad replied and walked out.

No sooner had he closed the door that Danny and Gabe came bustling downstairs, giving my mom a kiss on each cheek, and then me.

"Good morning lovelies! Where's dad?" Danny asked before grabbing a piece of toast. Gabe was already eating.

"He's out in the car already, so you have about 3 seconds to get out there before he leaves without you." I replied.

They looked at eachother, and ran for the door, shouting goodbyes over their shoulders.

"Did they really wear that?" My mom asks.

Danny and Gabe were wearing their black sweats, and their black hair was unbrushed and wild.

"Mom, they're gonna be on an airplane for 6 hours. Might as well be comfortable." I replied before taking a bite of my waffle.

My younger sisters Tatiana and Nicolena, or Nicki, walked in then.

"Morning. The boys already leave?" Nicki asks.

"Yeah, just a few minutes ago." Mom replied. "So Tatiana, are you ready for your first day of high school?"

Tatiana was a freshman this year. I couldn't believe it! She was growing up. And now I'd have to deal with her at school too.

"Yeah. I guess. But I'm still nervous. I mean, it's high school!" Then she started blabbing on and on about it, so I tuned her out. Until I heard her say something-

"But the thing is, my friends are gonna come over more, and you know I'm gonna have to translate for Dad. I'm so sick of doing that, why can't he just learn Engli-"

My mom slammed her hand on the counter, silencing Tatiana.

"We have been over this. Your father is a lazy old man, who is stuck to his old ways. So just drop it." My mom said. And that was the end of that.


I gave Nicki the job of showing Tatiana around the school, and watched as they walked away, their long, black wavy hair flowing behind them.

As I turned around, I saw my friend Carmen running towards me.

"Hey Little Red Riding Hood, where have you been?" she signed.

"My dad has been driving me insane!" I signed back before giving her a huge hug.

Carmen got meningitis when she was just a baby. She was with her grandparents at the time, and God knows they couldn't tell a muffin from an apple. Her parents were out of town for a few weeks. By the time they got home, she was so bad, she could barley open her eyes. They rushed her to the hospital and got her on antibiotics, but her hearing was long gone.

"Trust me I get it. My dad is all over me about choosing a college, and a major, and all that. He's really leaning towards Gallaudet, but I'm leaning for towards Florida, they have a amazing medical program." she signed.

"Well hey, if you decide on Florida, we'll be in the medical program together! We can get an apartment together, make a budget-"

Carmen looked at me.

"Sorry. I'm babbling, I know. I'm just excited. We're seniors! We're the queen bitches of this school!" I signed.

"I know! I got to go, but I'll catch you at lunch?" she asked.

"Yeah. I'll see you there!" I replied.

No sooner had she left than my other friend Shyann runs up yelling,

"Oh my god! Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat!!! You're never gonna believe it! I won us front row seats AND backstage passes to ONE DIRECTION!!!! We're gonna meet them! And then I'm gonna start dating Niall, and then we're gonna get married, and have kids, and move to Mailibu, and-"

"Woah, easy tiger. Slow down. First of all, how, second of all, you know I don't like One Direction. Why do I have to go?" I asked.

"Ok, first of all, radio contest. Second of all, besides you and Carmen, our only friends are the football team. I sincerely doubt they're gonna wanna go! And Carmen doesn't like them either, and all she'll be able to hear is the screaming and the bass with her hearing aid. She's not gonna have any fun. C'mon! You know their hot!" She said.

"I know. I also know one of them is engaged, and at least two of them have a girlfriend!" I replied.

"Oh well. You're going. It's next Saturday. Our flight is next Friday morning at-" I cut her off.

"Wait wait, flight?!" I yelled.

"Cat. I know you're scared. But that happened years ago, you have to let go." She said. Then she noticed me shaking, and fear crossed her face for a split second. "Cat, I'm not trying to make you angry. It'll be fine"

"Whatever. Can we talk about this later? I gotta go." I said, and not waiting her reply, I walked away.

I sat down on the bench, trying to get myself under control. But it was too late. Leaving my bag, I ran for the safety of the woods. I ran through until I reached my clearing, and there I let all my anger out.

Now, I'm not a werewolf. I'm not a vampire either. I'm normal.

Besides the fact that I'm not technically human.

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