Daddy~Niall Horan~

Niall is a single dad he has a daughter Nyla , and two sons Noah, and Nathan Nyla is 13 years old Noah is 10 and Nathan is 10 month old Amber there mom left after she had Nathan Nyla helps around the house a lot she like the mom of the house will niall ever find love again if so will nyla and noah approve?


1. The new start

Niall's p.o.v

'Dad Noah is in my room and i have to do homework'

Nyla yelled from her room 

I went to her room to find her sitting on Noah 

"Nyla get off Noah and Noah let you sister do her homework like you should be doing right now' I said while pointing to his room 

Then Nathan started crying as i was about to go get him 

Nyla said "Dad don't i will get him you need sleep go now '

she said "No i can't you have homework and you always watch him and 

Noah when i at work i can't let you "

I said and went off to get Nathan

Nyla's p.o.v

2 hours later 2:33 pm

"Dad can Morgan and uncle Liam come over and may be uncle Harry.Louis and Zayn to we can have a movie night?'

'Ummmmmm let me think about it "

dad say with a smile

'ok well im going to be in my room"

"ok '

as i was going to my room a phone started to room 

i ran to my room and answered it it was Morgan,she was 13 to i'm just 4 months older than her.

~m=Morgan N= Nyla~

M-heeeeyyyyy Ni

N-Morgan you know any my dad can call me that

M- I know but you hate it when i call you that so I am 

N-so i a my dad if you and uncle Liam and uncle harry,louis and zayn can come over for a movie night and he said maybe "

M-cool well i walking to your house now since you live 7 house down from mine see you soon bye '


Niall's p.o.v

"Dad guess what i have a girlfriend at school her name is Erica'

Noah said as he come running in the livingroom right before Nyla 

tripped him


she laughed just like her mother and looked just like her 

"Dad Dad you there"

Noah said 

"oh oh yeah what did you say again"

"I have a girlfriend at school named Erica"

"Oh wow ok Ummmmm NYLA I NEED YOUR HELP "

"with what?'

she asked 

"your brother has a girlfriend at school "

Then Morgan came running in the house 


And then i felt her jump on me 

" Morgan you saw us yesterday'

I said and hugged her.

Then Nathan started to cry great 

"Dad i got him "

Nyla said then ran to his room 

(Hope you guess liked the first chapter have any ideas for the book at all comment then and i will look at them thanks )

-Erica x



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