The High School of Fan-fiction

This is a High School that your characters can call home, they will make friends, enemies, learn new skills and be AWESOME!!!
Join the life of Fan-fiction High school today!!!!


2. author's original character


  first name: Dove

  middle initiel: v

  last name: potter

  nick name: doe

  hair color: ocean blue

  hair type: mid- back with blue fading into white from top to bottom.

  hair style: ponytail

  facel features: small mouth, nose, ears, eyes with freckles. pink/red lips. small eyebrrows. 

  skin color: pale

  figure shape: super skinny 

  eye color: fire red

  normal cloths style: t-shirts, skinny jeans, hoodie.

  normal shoe style: leather boots, sneakers

  jewllery: a ring with an emerald on right thumb.

  personality: shy, reserved, angered easy, kind, tough as nails, and warrior like. 

  friends: not any yet

  enemies: humans that are hostial

  family: daughter of darry potter and cherry potter (great great great grand daughter of harry potter)

  subjects you want: combat, magic, archery, telepathy. levatation/flight, guitar lessons.

  fav subject: combat

  most terrorable subject: none

  place like to hangout: dormatry (no roommates yet)(optinal)

  fan-fiction: harry potter, 1D, brave, teen titans. 

( if you think there should be more info on characters just tell me in the comments!! #hugs!!)

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