Under the stars

He was such a perfect stranger,would she lost him forever or find him someday? this story tells how Jasmine met Tanner


2. not going to risk it


Jasmine's Pow

it's been month but i still think of him and miss his touch and how my heart raced when he was around even that he was stranger to me i felt like i had known him all of my life.it's Strange how you just met someone and get the feeling like he belongs to your life,it's hard to explain.

i carried my last moving box to my new apartment.i finally got my own house  i just turned twenty and found beautiful flat at city .i listened at the rain drops hitting softly at the windows as i unpacked my stuff after i had called my mum and told i was okay  i needed badly to visit Grocery shop.

As i walked to pick some milk and turned around i almost dropped the shopping basket.it was him. he turned around and saw me his face dropped and he left his basket on the floor and rushed to me. and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. i wanted to cry. its been month since i last saw him and it killed me to leave that festival knowing that i wouldn't see him ever again but here he was holding me tightly. "i can't believe its you." he breathed. i had forgotten how husky his voice was and how it send me goosebumps. we pulled away the hug. "you look even prettier than i remembered." he said taking me by my hand.i blushed looking my shoes.my friends had told me that he did it by purpose cause that was how guys acted in festivals but i knew he was different. "you live at New York?" he asked. "no, i just moved here." i said. "that great." he smiled. "can i get your number? i don't really want to risk to lost you again." he said.my heart melted more."sure." i said. he gave me his phone and gave him mine. we walked out the shop and he wanted to carry my grocery. "this is me." i said. "you want to come inside?" i asked. "i would love to but i have to get back to work in twenty minutes." he said. "but i will see you later?"he asked as we stood at my door. "sure." i smiled. he hugged me and left. i put the food at the fridge and cooked while singing some random song and dancing around the kitchen like some love sick. 

i was watching TV when my iPhone beeped.

 From:  Sexy Tanner -you wanna go out tomorrow with me?  

To: Sexy Tanner - yeah sure, cool name btw.  

From: Sexy Tanner -I know you love it,it's a date : * i will pick you up at seven? 

To: Sexy Tanner - okay, what should i wear?   

From: Sexy Tanner -you are beautiful what ever you wear or not wear ;-) just bring your self babe.  

To: Sexy Tanner Okay...you perv, can't wait :) goodnight.    

From: Sexy Tanner -Goodnight beautiful <3 

that night i went bed smile of my face and feeling nervous about the date tomorrow. 


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