Under the stars

He was such a perfect stranger,would she lost him forever or find him someday? this story tells how Jasmine met Tanner


3. love making

i danced around my house trying to pick right outfit for the date finally i found perfect dress and heels. i curled my hair little and put light make up and picked my purse when the door bell rang i run to the door and he stood there wearing tight jeans and dress shirt he looked really sexy he turned around and smiled widely to me handing me red rose. "woah, you look beautiful." he said eyeing me while licking his dry lips."you aren't so bad either." i  smirked and  i put the rose in vase and closed the door behind me. "where to go?" i asked."it's surprise." he smirked taking my hand and walking me to his car. he opened the door for me and got inside as self. soon we stopped in front of nice looking Italian restaurant. "they have really good food here." he said taking me by my hand as we walked in. we picked nice looking table in front of window. the restaurant wasn't luxury it was nice and warm. i really like the place. we ordered Spaghetti what tasted like heaven. "how old are?" he asked. "i'm twenty."i said. "cool, i'm 23." he said.we talked about our childhoods and other random stuffs i found out new things about him. more as i spend time with him i liked him more. "i had fun, thanks."i said as we stood at my door. "i had fun too." he said looking me with little smile playing on his face.we stood there looking each others. his warm breath hit my face as his lips softly touched mine and i was goner again. i hold his cheek while he pushed my back against the door holding me by my waists. "i should get inside."i breathed while he kissed me neck."hmmm, you should." he said while sucking  my neck. "you wanna come inside?" i asked still not moving while his lips kissed my skin. "mmmh." he hummed against my neck. his hands roaming on my body. i quickly took my keys from my purse while he kissed my neck. i opened the door and he kicked it close with his feet as we stepped inside still fully kissing each others."maybe we are going to fast."he said while kissing me lustfully on my lips. "yeah."i said breathing and opening buttons of his shirt. as we kicked our shoes off. "my bedroom is there."i said pointing the door as he pushed me against the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist. my back hit the soft material of my bed, while our tongues danced together in my mouth. "you taste so good." he moaned. he zipped my dress open as i drew his shirt to the floor and ran my fingers on his hard six pack pack noticing the small tattoo on his chest. he was so sexy. i pulled my dress over my head and he stopped kissing me and stared my chest with lust. "gosh, you are so beautiful." he breathed kissing my lips. "i really like your lace." he said running his hand on my bra. i smirked biting his lip as he groaned sexily in my mouth.his hands went behind my back opening my bra. he slowly took them of dropping them on the floor. i opened button of his jeans and he kicked them off. i could see the growing boner through his Calvin Klein boxers and i realized how wet i was.his hot lips touched my right boob. i drew my head back as he started to suck my boobs like pro while massaging the other one."you are so hot." he moaned. i lifted his head from my chest wanting him to kiss me. i flipped us around that i was on top of him. he watched me with small smirk oh his face as i kissed his stomach. moving closer to his boxers. playing with the waistband. i grinned my hips on his feeling the hard boner under me. he moaned louder taking my boob in to his mouth while groaning. he was on top of me when his hand started to rub my tights getting closer to my dropping core. he took my thong off and kissed my stomach moving lower his hot breath hit my pussy. "someone is wet?" he said sexily as his tongue moved against my clit. i bite my lip trying to hold my moans but it didn't help when he started to eat me out. i felt my self juicing in his mouth as he licked every drop. i crapped my boob. moaning his name. his fingers entered me as he still teased my clit with his tongue.as he stopped i took him by his shoulders pushing my lips on his and pulling his boxers off. he moaned inside my mouth as tip of his cock touched my vagina. he slowly pushed in and i bite my lip hard.he noticed my pain and stopped. looking me with worry. "are you okay? we can stop." he said kissing my cheek. "please don't stop." i breathed my hands on his back and he slowly got fully inside of me. he started to move slowly out and in letting me get used. he was care fully and watched my face every time he moved. that was new to me that guy showed such a caring while we did 'it'. soon the pain turned to huge pleasure and i almost screamed him to move faster. he gave me sloppy kisses while thrusting deeper into me hitting my G-spot every time. i felt him come but he didn't stop. he kissed my neck still thrusting into me as i felt my walls tighten around him and orgasm hit my body. he kissed my ear as we both breath heavily. he slowly got out and lied next to me wrapping his arms around me. that was definitely the best sex i ever had.memories of my ex boyfriend Jacob's rough sex what i absolutely didn't enjoy made glad that he wasn't like him. Jacob would't give a flying fucks about my pleasure he never really gave me any kind of orgasm just fucked me till he was done and got off and left the room not saying a thing. "you liked that?" Tanner asked softly turning to look me. "absolutely."i smiled tapping his nose. he smiled widely "i liked it too."he whispered and pecked my lips. "now lets sleep." he said. "goodnight beautiful." was the last thing i heard as i drifted in deep sleep his arms wrapped around me.


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