Under the stars

He was such a perfect stranger,would she lost him forever or find him someday? this story tells how Jasmine met Tanner


1. little bit of heaven


Jasmine's pow

Sweating bodies,jumping people,clapping hands. people sheering and dancing wildly having the time of their lives while the live music played.I loved festivals.


My hair hung wildly on my back i wasn't wearing make up, i didn't need it. I was wearing my mini shorts and tank top as i jumped up and down at the crown. I was alone 'cause my friends dumped me for some guys they met,so fuck them,that wasn't going to ruin my happiness. The song ended and really needed something to drink. My throat was dry like the biggest desert. I tried to make my way to nearest water stand but it was bit hard cause there was so much people.

my eyes met his brown ones as he stared me and bite his lip little and he gulped softly. He was few inches taller than me,he was wearing tank top and you could see his muscular body through t it i noticed the "hug me." Sigh on his shirt and looked it and he opened his arms as he got closer to me. Shy smile flashed on my face as i wrapped my arms around him. Gosh he was good huger,i noticed it was hard to let go but like i was the only one who couldn't pull him away he kept his arms around me."bro come on!" The girl next to him say they were clearly siblings they looked bit same. "Tanner." She said to him and pulling his arm little. He groaned and slowly pulled away from the hug i was still at his arms and he kept me there looking me and totally ignoring the girl next to him. "I will find you later." He whispered to my ear softly tugging the hair behind my ear. As he pulled away and smiled softly to me and started walking. I remembered the thirstiness in my mouth but i was still bit confused. I made my way to stand and bough big juice cup and drank it at one gulps.i made my way back to crow. Someone tapped me on the shoulder i turned around wishing he was there but it wasn't him just some stranger who even didn't mean to touch me. Like how was he going to find me anyway? The song started and i wasnt at the mood to jump and sing. But then i felt arms wrap around me behind. Familiar i smelled his scent what was like drug. And his warm hand around me. I rested my head on his shoulder. "You came." I said softly to his ear."of course like i would forget." He said and i could hear the smile on his face while he talk. I turned around and smiled widely to him. And he stared my face biting his lip and blushing lightly. "I'm Tanner." He said. "Jasmine." I said. He kept his arm around my shoulder as we watched the show.suddenly the song turned into romantic one and i felt bit awkward. I noticed how quickly the sun hand settled and it was getting dark but the lights of the stage kept the light. "This is beautiful song." I said. "Not as beautiful like you are." He said. I laugh at his comment. That was so lame and funny at weird way. "Hey, i mean it." He said softly taking me by my shoulders. "Yeah yeah." I said rolling my eyes and smiling to him. "C'moon,i know that was lame, but i really ment it." He said smiling. "It's okay,i was just messing with you." I said. His smile grew and his strong arms dropped on my waists as he pushed me closer to him and looked in to my eyes and then kissed my lips. I just met him,but like i cared. He didn't give butterflies,heck!he made me feel the hole Zoo in my stomach. His lips were another addicting thing he smelled good and kissing him was heaven. He moved his lips slowly against mine like trying to save the feeling my hands played with his brown hair my heart raced 100000 miles per hour as his tongue softly found my bottom lip i didn't open my mouth he softly bite my bottom lip and i could feel him smiling as his Green eyes were focused on mine brown ones as he slipped his tongue in my mouth,giving me even better feeling.it was like i could explode at any second if he kept kissing me like this. 'Drake's Hold on.We're going home'was playing as he kept me on his arms and his lips locked on mine."woah." We said same time as we finally pulled away from each others after good 10-15 minutes He smiled to me and i hugged him awkwardly as he kissed the top of my head. His fingers locked on mine.we spend the hole night together dancing and stealing kisses from each others and i couldn't be more happy. "I'm hungry." I said rubbing my stomach."you are so cute." He said pecking my lips. "Lets get you some food,shall we." He said.i nod and smiled to him. I followed him.i don't know why i didn't take his hand just make sure the people around us wouldn't lost us from each others. Cause as i looked around me i noticed not finding him anymore. I started to feel cold realizing that i wouldn't maybe see him never again. I tried to search him but it was impossible cause the place was huge and here was hundreds of people.


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