the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


8. 8

Jamie's POV

ash came with me to mine after school to work on homework. after about 1 hour, i went down stairs to get some snacks.

ashton pov

as jamie walked out i saw some paper on her desk. they looked like song lyrics. i had a look at it. it read;

They say we're to young now to amount to anything else but look around

But look around

We work to damn hard for this just to give it up now

If you you don't swim, you drown but don't move


She walked back in and saw me looking.

"Jay, that is amazing!"

" thank you ash, its not finished but its a start."

She sat down and put some drinks and crisps on the table.

"I know!"

She just looked at me


" me and the boys could help you finish the song and then we could perform it!"


I called the boys and told them to come round to jays.

*ring ring ring ring*


"Hi luke its ash."

"Oh hi ash!"

"Bring the boys round to jays as come strait up to the studios. No time to explain just do it!"

"Ok ash see u in a few!"

"Bye luke."

I hung up and told Jamie what was happening.

Jamie's POV

The boys were over in about 2 mins and they ran upstairs and into the studio.

"Hey guys!"

We told them everything and thy loved it!

"Your band needs a name!" I said

"How about bromance?" I looked at Luke.

"Really Luke? Really?"

We started laughing

"Ok maybe not that!"

"How about 5 seconds of summer and 5sos for short?" Michael said

"MICHAEL THAT IS THE BEST!" ash shouted and the boys agreed.

"Wait why 5 seconds when there is only 4 of you?" I asked

" well because of you. You are the secret extra second and you are gna write us songs and we need you in it somewhere!" Michael said

" okay!! I love it!!"

The boys stayed a while and then left.

///////////9th chapter :)




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