the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


7. 7

Jamie's POV


I go down stairs immediately as i wake up and have breakfast. I look at the time. 8:34am i go upstairs, have a shower and get dresses into high wasted black shorts with a superman tank top tucked into them, with a messy side fishtail braid. I do my make up and go up to my music studio. I sit down at the desk and try to write a song.


I run downstairs to my mum who is by the front door with a suitcase. What?

" I'm sorry Jamie but I'm going on a business trip for 4 weeks. I will be back soon. Here is some money for food. Love you bye!"

She kisses me and leaves.

I decide to go round to the boys house to see what they are up to. I knock on the door. With in a matter of seconds i see ash standing there.

"JAMIEEEEEEEEE!!!!" He screamed embracing me in a massive hug. All the others heard and came to the door to say hi. They invite me in and we go outside by the pool.

"Any news Jay?" ( my nickname they gave me) "well my mum has just set off on another business trip and im on my own for a few weeks but other than that, nope. How 'bout you guys?"

"Nothing really."

Jamie's POV

I cant believe that tomorrow we are going to school :( i hope that i don't get bullied! anyway i know the boys will look after me and help me if i need it.

* 1st day of school *

I wake up to my alarm at 6:00am and i start to get ready. I wear some black high wasted ripped at the knee jeans and i low cut mussel tee with rolling stones on it with a black bandoe. I have my hip lenght hair straightened and i eat and pack my bag for the day and head out the door. The boys are waiting for me outside my house.

" hey Jamie! Are you ready for your first day of school in Australia?" Michael shouts over to me

"You bet!"

We all walk together down the road and into the school. Ash takes me to the office and helps me get my time table. If turns out we have everything together! YEYEYEY!!

//////////7th chapter :)

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