the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


6. 6

Jamie's POV

As me and the boys were talking i heard a knock on my bedroom door. I shouted come in and my mum appeared.

" hey sweetie. Who are these then?"

I stood up

" oh hey mum. These are my new friends Ash, Cal, Luke and Mikey. "

" well nice to see you with friends. Im glad you have made some. I thought it would never happen. Any way i gotta run. Im meeting some old friends, see you later, love you Jamie, bye boys!"

Michael's POV

To hear that we were Jamie's first friends is awful!! I mean how can a beautiful girl like that not be popular??

"Jamie, is it true that we are your first friends??" I asked

she looked at me and smiled a sad smile

" yes. Its true. No matter what school i go to, i always get bullied and have no friends. But its the holidays at the moment so im trying not to think about it. Come on lets get back to work."

Jamie's POV

We finished the first coat of paint so we decided to leave the room and let it dry. I wanted to show them my dance and music studio.

" guys come and look at this!"

They followed me up the staircase and up to the door. I opened and you should have seen their faces! They walked in, went strait past the dance studio and strait into the music one. They all picked up some instruments. Cal with the bass, Luke and Mikey with the electric guitars and ash on the drums.

They started to play teenage dirtbag. They were amazing!! Oh my god i cant tell you!

When they finished i clapped so hard my hands hurt! We went back down and we finished the last coat of paint on the walls.

Luke's POV

I looked at the time


God is it that time already??

Time flys when your having fun!

" guys i think im gna go home its late. Anyone coming?"

Turns out all the boys want to go home to bed. We say good bye to Jamie, go home and immediately go to bed.

///////////6th chapter :)

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